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Why organization wants female organs on a World Heritage site

 Non-Governmental Organisation; the International Solidarity Foundation, is pushing to have female genitalia included on the Unesco World Heritage List as a protective measure against Female Genital Mutilation. According to ISF, the practice of FGM affects over 200 million girls and women worldwide. According to a recent study by the University of Birmingham, 44,000 girls and women die annually as a result of FGM. Every minute, six girls are mutilated. Yesterday, on the International Day of the Girl Child, the ISF submitted an application demanding that female genitalia be added to the Unesco World Heritage List for protection against FGM.

The ISF also addressed Unesco directly with a pledge that ran on billboards close to Unesco headquarters in Paris on the eve of the International Day of the Girl Child.International Solidarity Foundation is a Finnish organization working against FGM internationally.For a subject to be included on the Unesco World Heritage List, its unique universal value must be demonstrated. “Without the female genitalia, no person would exist. Female genital mutilation is an international problem that causes serious health issues and systematically undermines the societal position of women. “Therefore, the female genitalia should be recognized and protected by an internationally acknowledged entity,” said Saara Manelius, the head of communications at ISF, in a press statement.

The chairman of the Finnish Unesco committee, Teivo Teivainen, considers the initiative significant. “Proposing the female genitalia as a Unesco World Heritage site is important for the visibility of women, women’s sexuality, and violations against women’s genitalia.”Teivainen said it is also significant because it can foster discussions on the extent to which Unesco World Heritage sites currently relate to the identity of individual states or regions.“Whatever the outcome of this application, I hope it inspires reflections on the opportunities for government officials and decision-makers to promote the

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Site-responsive arts biennale enters exciting growth phase

The small port city of Fremantle in WA is widely known as Perth’s closest neighbour as well as its distant cousin. Its yesteryear wharfie vibe and crumbling colonial buildings are a thousand miles away from the rest of the world, yet its pockets of hipster cafés, contemporary art spaces and organic markets bear strong marks of the present moment.

For Artistic Director of the site-responsive contemporary arts festival Fremantle Biennale, Tom Mùller, the Walyalup/Fremantle region has informed the Biennale’s vision since 2017, when it set out to bring some of the most thrilling international contemporary art experiences to a place so steeped in history.

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ArtsHub’s Arts Feature Writer Jo Pickup is based in Perth. An arts writer and manager, she has worked as a journalist and broadcaster for media such as the ABC, RTRFM and The West Australian newspaper, contributing media content and commentary on art, culture and design. She has also worked for arts organisations such as Fremantle Arts Centre, STRUT dance, and the Aboriginal Arts Centre Hub of WA, as well as being a sessional arts lecturer at The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA).

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Eight Easy Steps to Managing Your Website Development

IT Project Management | By Simon Buehring | Read time minutes

Website development process word circle with related terms

Managing your website development need not cause you sleepless nights, providing you learn the secrets of successful project management. Perform the best practices in project management and give your project the best chance of success.

Define Objectives

Objectives guide everyone on the project to your final goals. Are your objectives to sell your product online, to provide customer support, to promote investor relations? Carefully decide and clearly document your objectives.

Decide the critical success factors – the things at the end of the project which tell you if you’ve been successful. Make them measurable so you know if you’ve achieved them. For example, the website development should result in an increase in online sales of 25% by year end.

Stakeholder Analysis

A stakeholder is someone with an interest in your project’s success (or failure). Decide who they are and whether they support your project. Perform stakeholder analysis by classifying them (high or low) according to how motivated they are in helping (or blocking) your project and how influential (high or low) they are.

Highly influential and supportive people are your allies. Gain their support whenever you can. Aim to reduce the influence of people who are both highly influential and against your project as these people could act to damage your project.

During your stakeholder analysis, draw up strategies for dealing with each group of stakeholders.

Define Deliverables

Deliverables are tangible things produced during the project. Talk with key stakeholders to help define deliverables. Will your website design include web page layouts and sitemap for use by the programming team? What is the content for each page? Write all this down.

Key stakeholders must review and agree the deliverables accurately reflect what they expect to be delivered.

Project Planning

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E-commerce and digital strategy agency CrankTank opens European office – News

CrankTank, a digital marketing and e-commerce strategy agency, has announced the formation of an office in Innsbruck, Austria.

Complementing CrankTank’s headquarters in Idaho, the new facility will serve its US brand partners wishing to expand D2C sales in North America to European customers.

It will also allow the company to serve its European brand partners in local time zones and often in their native tongue, improving the speed of delivery and levels of service.

Susanne Pfrengle

CrankTank has hired Susanne Pfrengle as managing director of CrankTank Europe.

Pfrengle has experience in digital marketing and e-commerce from her time at Black Diamond Equipment where she rose through the organisation, eventually leading D2C initiatives (both e-commerce and brick-and-mortar).

Most recently Pfrengle has been the outdoor vertical/business unit manager for Internetstores, where she has gained additional experience on the retail end of e-commerce.

“We have been planning this move for over a year,” said CrankTank CEO Scott Montgomery, “and when we connected with Susanne, we knew we had the right leader to take on the challenging role.”

Pfrengle was born and raised in the Black Forest of Germany.

She grew up outdoors, doing everything from trekking, skiing, and biking to in-line skating, climbing, and gymnastics. She attended the University of Bayreuth where she received her master’s degree in sports science, business and law.

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Following her appointment, Pfrengle said: “I am very happy to join the CrankTank team and help brands tackle the European D2C market.

“CrankTank has the perfect spirit for me, combining a work-hard mentality with the passion for sports and the outdoors as well as a good sense of humour.”

Adrian Montgomery, CrankTank CTO, added: “Expanding our growth marketing solutions into Europe is a major

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