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Lincoln family-owned business poised for expansion is named ‘Manufacturer of the Year’ by Nebraska Chamber

LINCOLN — A family-owned Lincoln business known for its diverse workforce, community involvement and adoption of technology has been named Nebraska “Manufacturer of the Year” by the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

TMCO Inc. leaders, CEO Diane Temme Stinton and her father, founder Roland Temme, accepted the award at the annual Nebraska Manufacturing Summit this week in La Vista.

The recognition, according to the chamber, is bestowed annually on a state manufacturer that’s selected by a committee for outstanding innovative practices and strategies. Gov. Jim Pillen presented the award.

“TMCO perfectly represents manufacturing in Nebraska,” said Mike Johnson, the chamber’s chief operating officer. “They’ve developed a welcoming place to work for people of all backgrounds, serve their customers with pride and dedication, and have led on technology investment since day one.”

Founded in 1974 by Roland Temme, TMCO (a Total Manufacturing Company) grew from an 850-square-foot metal shack into a 300,000-square-foot facility at its original Lincoln site. It is preparing to open a second location in Waverly, said Temme Stinton.

Currently the operation employs about 230 people, and 40% are refugees or immigrants representing 17 different countries, including recent newcomers from Afghan and Ukraine.

“As we welcome refugees into Lincoln, we tend to see those waves coming to TMCO as well,” said Temme Stinton.

The company specializes in one-stop, concept-to-completion metal fabrication services.

“We’re like a boy scout with a Swiss army knife,” says its website, noting that services range from milling, sheet fabrication to powder coating, welding and prototyping.

Temme Stinton said the chamber’s advocacy work on behalf of the manufacturing industry is positioning the business for “exciting opportunities.”

“It’s an honor to highlight the work of family-owned small business,” Temme Stinton said. “We’re extremely humbled and blessed to be able to do what we love.”


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New Building for FAULHABER Group Allows Diverse Production Possibilities

With the extension of its production location in Jimbolia, Romania, the FAULHABER Group is taking a significant step to boost its competitiveness on the market and at the same time to satisfy the growing demand for its high-quality products.

FAULHABER Motors Romania S.R.L with around 170 employees and a production area of 2,850 square meters has been active in Jimbolia in Timis County, Romania, since 2005. The production site is a key element of the manufacturing network of the FAULHABER Group. Important skilled manual activities such as gearhead assembly or balancing processes are performed there. Windings for FAULHABER bell-type armature motors are manufactured at the site too. Furthermore, the range of services also includes the manufacture of modules as well as the assembly of customer-specific complete drive systems.

To safeguard the competitiveness of the FAULHABER Group in the long term, the company is extending this site. The relocation of new projects is one of the principal reasons for this measure. The extension will cover an area of 5,000 square meters, whereby 3,800 square meters are intended for production. The remaining area will be used for warehousing and administration.

According to the structural plans, the new production hall is based on a metal construction fitted out in compliance with FAULHABER standards. This extension will considerably increase production capacity at the location in order to meet growing demands. In addition to the increase in surface area, there will also be a significant increase in the number of employees at the location. This measure will create new jobs and boost the local economy in the Jimbolia region.

Diverse Production Possibilities

The new building will provide a wide range of production possibilities. Apart from modules for motors, the location will also produce motors and finished goods that are used in

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Web Developer – Career Rankings, Salary, Reviews and Advice

Web developers create and maintain websites and web applications, and they use web-facing technology to build software.

They talk with clients to understand their needs and build websites that meet them. Other duties may include:

  • working with graphic designers on site layout or doing design work themselves 
  • creating mockups
  • testing and problem-solving 
  • meeting with various stakeholders. 

“A lot of the job is explaining technical concepts in nontechnical ways,” says Michael Panik, Birmingham, Alabama-based technical lead for Alloy, a software firm and digital strategy company. “You have to be able to talk about what you do, and you have to be able to convince people that it’s worth doing. But the rest of the time is a lot of being in the code.”

Web developers must possess good research skills as they try to understand clients’ needs and create desired products. They must have good project management and logical reasoning skills and should communicate effectively with clients and teammates.

The scope of a web developer’s job can depend on their specialty and what they’re most experienced in. Back-end developers are responsible for writing the code that stores and processes data on a site. Front-end developers focus more on the user interface and need an eye for design. Full-stack developers have some proficiency in both front- and back-end web development.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 30.3% employment growth for web developers between 2021 and 2031. In that period, an estimated 28,900 jobs should open up.

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Boundless Agency Wins Netty Award for Outstanding Achievement in Social Media Marketing

 Boundless Agency, a women-owned marketing powerhouse specializing in working with mission-driven health and wellness companies, is thrilled to announce its recent accolade, winning the prestigious Netty Award in the category of “Social Media › Health & Wellness (Wellness Campaign).” The award recognizes Boundless Agency’s exceptional work titled “Increasing Awareness and Proving the Concept for Maternal Mental Health Startup Fundraising” for their client, Vital Start Health.

With a mission to make a meaningful impact in the health and wellness industry, Boundless Agency has consistently demonstrated its dedication to driving positive change. Their collaboration with Vital Start Health, a visionary player in maternal mental health services, exemplifies this commitment. The challenge was significant: launch a unique Virtual Reality experience and digital platform while securing crucial startup funding. Boundless Agency’s creative approach, technical skills, and innovation were vital to their success.

Vital Start Health wanted to redefine maternal mental health services by incorporating Virtual Reality experiences and a digital platform. However, they also needed to attract essential seed funding.

Boundless Agency adopted a groundbreaking approach. They used the Rapid Fire testing method on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to maximize performance. By strategically targeting the right audience, using effective visuals, and creating compelling messages, they quickly identified successful strategies.

Furthermore, Boundless Agency designed multiple campaigns tailored to different stages of maternal health, resulting in high conversion rates and a strong foundation for Vital Start Health’s future.

The Netty Award is a respected industry honor that celebrates creativity and innovation. It acknowledges Boundless Agency’s ability to deliver exceptional results by combining creativity, innovation, and technical expertise.

“We’re truly honored to receive this Netty Award. It’s a testament to our team’s collaboration and the trust our clients, like Vital Start Health, have in us,” said Lesya Liu, Founder and CEO

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