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Don’t let the clock tick by, get on-site watch services with The Time Traveler | Business

The sole purpose of a watch is to keep track of the time, and Dan McAdams created The Time Traveler so people don’t have to watch the days tick by when waiting for a simple battery replacement or tune up.

A Carefree resident, McAdams has 30 years of experience in the luxury jewelry industry and 20 years experience changing watch batteries, including all major Swiss brands. In an increasingly digital and fast-paced world, he realized there was a more efficient way to deliver these services to clients.

“I noticed many years ago that it’s kind of an inconvenience for a client to come in, drop off their nice watch, leave and then come back a few days later to pick it up when it’s all done,” McAdams explained. “So, I figured I can just show up at their house and do it in my van in their driveway, or even show up at where they work and do it in my van in the parking lot.”

The Time Traveler, set to open in late October, will bring these services directly to customers in the Carefree, Cave Creek and Scottsdale area.

All the client has to do is schedule an appointment and McAdams will meet them at their location and complete the battery replacement on site. At every appointment, McAdams will also do a full inspection, clean the watch and pressure test it for water resistance. 

This not only saves clients the time from having to drive back and forth to a jeweler, but also saves them money when compared to sending their watch to the manufacturer.

How it works

The Time Traveler doesn’t have a brick and mortar store, but operates on-site out of a van. Appointments are available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. seven days a week and,

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Midlothian Economic Development Invites Community to Informational Session

Midlothian city officials breaking ground at SunOpta
Photo courtesy City of Midlothian

Midlothian residents are invited to learn about local economic development programs and how these efforts benefit them at an informational session set for Thursday September 7, at 6 p.m. at the offices of Midlothian Economic Development (MED), 310 N. 9th Street, Midlothian, TX.  Those attending the meeting will be introduced to the basics of local economic development, discuss how incentive agreements attract businesses, and be able to ask questions.

The focus of MED is to promote existing business expansion and retention, and attract new business development. As a Texas Type A corporation, MED is charged with the administration of sales tax to fund economic development projects. An appointed board directs and coordinates the broad-based expansion of the business and commercial tax base of the City of Midlothian, as well as promotes job growth and quality development in Midlothian.

Reserve a space soon by calling (972) 723-3800, or emailing info@midlothian-tx.org.  To learn more about MED, visit their website at www.midlothian-tx.org.

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