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To reduce deaths from opioids, CT needs safe-use sites

Connecticut is witnessing a tragic epidemic of unintentional drug overdose fatalities, many attributed to illicit opioids, fentanyl, and stimulants. This crisis has reached catastrophic levels, tearing apart families and communities. In 2022, these devastating substances claimed the lives of 1,452 individuals in this state, leaving behind a wake of heartbreak and loss. 

Many of us have witnessed the heartbreak of losing a loved one to the opioid crisis, adding a profound layer of personal tragedy to this heartbreaking statistic. The pain of seeing someone you care about suffer or, tragically, not being able to save them is an experience that has touched far too many lives. As a professional registered nurse, mother, community member and educator, I cannot stress enough how urgent the situation is. 

Adelicia Beltz

Another devastating reality is that the opioid and fentanyl crisis in Connecticut has begun to see a startling rise in infant fatalities due to overdoses. A recent report from the Office of the Child Advocate, an organization dedicated to safeguarding the welfare of Connecticut’s children, revealed that between 2019 and 2022, 8.2% of unnatural deaths among infants and toddlers under three were attributed to this life-claiming drug, a cause that had never been recorded prior to 2019.

A research letter on national trends in pediatric deaths from fentanyl identified that the drug was involved in a staggering 37.5% of fatal pediatric opioid poisonings from 1999 to 2021, accounting for 5,194 out of 13,861 deaths nationally. The opioid crisis among adults significantly affects children’s safety, health, and overall welfare. Infants and toddlers risk unintentionally ingesting fatal opioids or fentanyl or touching surfaces contaminated with residue and then putting their hands in their mouths. Even a minuscule amount of fentanyl can be lethal for adults, not to mention the extreme danger it

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Horizon unveils Sequence Builder no-code dashboard for game devs

Horizon has launched Sequence Builder, a full-stack, no-code dashboard that makes it easier for game developers to manage their Web3 games.

Toronto-based Horizon makes its own Web3 games such as Skyweaver and it also makes tools to support Web3 game development through its Sequence division.

Sam Barberie, head of strategy and partnerships at Sequence, said in an interview with GamesBeat that the company has figured out the challenges of making Web3 games and has produced Sequence Builder to simplify management and unite fragmented tools.

Barberie said work began on Sequence as a tech stack as far back to when the company began in 2017, as the company started building Skyweaver. It was made to power live operations, a full stack for a game and handle the infrastructure for onboarding new games and updates. Horizon was one of our 25 Game Changers announced on a top game startups list created by Lightspeed and GamesBeat.


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“Onboarding is an issue, like a developer saying I’m going to build half my game on Unity and half on Unreal,” Barberie said. “It’s just never going to work. So Sequence Builder takes a lot of those software development kits (SDKs) and application programming interfaces (APIs) and innovated in a number of ways.”

Planet Mojo is using Sequence Builder.

Sequence Builder aims to unlock the gates to mass-market Web3 gaming, which has been a tough nut to crack because of the complexity of blockchain technology, lack of

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Study shows web-based nutrition program can transform type 2 diabetes health

Credit: CC0 Public Domain

A low carbohydrate nutrition program delivered online has been shown to significantly improve blood sugar control in adults with type 2 diabetes.

The findings from the T2Diet Study, conducted at Deakin University, are significant as they demonstrate web-based dietary education can support people with type 2 diabetes, alongside standard care, and provide options for people living in regional, rural or remote communities. The paper is published in the journal Nutrition & Diabetes.

Dr. Jedha Dening, who led the research through her Ph.D. at Deakin’s Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition (IPAN), said the T2Diet Study was the first Australian study to show web-based dietary interventions can support self-management of type 2 diabetes and achieve significant health improvements in just a short time.

“This is also one of the few studies internationally to show web-based nutrition programs can be confidently offered to people to improve diabetes self-management,” Dr. Dening said.

Participants on the T2Diet Program improved their health significantly more than the group receiving standard care only, including reductions in blood sugar levels, weight, body mass index, and diabetes medication.

The 16-week randomized controlled trial was conducted remotely and involved 98 people with type 2 diabetes from metropolitan, regional, rural and remote parts of Australia. The study offered one group the T2Diet Program alongside standard care while the other group continued with their standard care.

Dr. Dening said participants in the program group experienced an average reduction in HbA1c (blood sugar level) of almost one percent, a clinically meaningful achievement in 16 weeks.

Program participants also reduced diabetes medications (25 percent reduced their medications by more than 20 percent) and 38 percent lost more than five percent in weight, which is a clinical recommendation. Those receiving standard care had minimal weight loss and increased medications.


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rEvolution Sports Marketing launches dedicated soccer division

rEv United

rEvolution Sports Marketing Group is the latest agency to launch a soccer-specific division, called rEv United, in the lead-up to the 2026 FIFA World Cup in North America. The Chicago-based firm has a track record in soccer that includes work with MLS, FIFA and Concacaf. Earlier this year, rEvolution became Ligue 1’s agency of record in the U.S.

rEvolution SVP Bruce Bundrant, whose experience in soccer includes stints at Relevent Sports Group, AS Monaco, Liverpool and DC United, will be among the leaders of the rEv United. He told SBJ that the agency plans to make several hires focused on soccer as part of the formation of the new division.

The agency sees the opportunity to grow its business serving both soccer properties and brands. Bundrant pointed out that brands seeking to make a foray into the soccer space face a cluttered and complex soccer landscape that rEvolution can help them navigate.

“It is really complicated right now in terms of the number of teams, leagues, tournaments, federations, confederations, one-off games, friendly games, et cetera,” Bundrant said. “There’s just a ton of soccer.”

Bundrant said that with the 2026 World Cup less than three years away, marketing agencies are seeking to best position themselves to win the business of brands seeking to capitalize on the once-in-a-generation event.

“Right now, I see a lot of jockeying for position,” Bundrant said. “There are international agencies that are coming to the U.S. and setting up shop, there U.S. agencies like us that are promoting soccer-specific divisions. There’s so many people that are piling in trying to understand what the World Cup is going to mean.”

Other notable moves in the space this year have included GMR Marketing launching its own dedicated division for soccer called GMR FC and For Soccer

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