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Why PR Trails Behind Marketing In B2B (And How It Can Catch Up)

Sarah Tourville is the CEO and Founder of Media Frenzy Global, a PR agency that shapes markets and culture for disruptive brands.

The business-to-business (B2B) industry has long witnessed the competitive interplay between public relations (PR) and marketing. While both disciplines aim to enhance a company’s brand and reputation, it is widely acknowledged that marketing has often taken a lead in the B2B sphere. The fundamental reason for this divergence lies in a critical business metric: return on investment (ROI).

The ROI Challenge In PR

PR plays a pivotal role in shaping a company’s reputation, managing crisis litigation, educating the industry and providing perspectives from subject matter experts. However, the biggest challenge PR professionals face lies in quantifying the results of their efforts. PR, by its very nature, is a long-term, strategic endeavor that primarily focuses on intangible outcomes such as brand reputation and public perception. These parameters are difficult to measure in concrete terms, making it challenging to demonstrate a direct ROI.

For example, consider a PR campaign aimed at mitigating a corporate crisis. The campaign might successfully prevent damage to the company’s reputation, but how do we quantify this success? How do we measure the crisis that didn’t occur, the customers that weren’t lost or the sales that didn’t drop? These are inherently intangible and tough to translate into numerical ROI.

Marketing’s Upper Hand In ROI

In contrast, marketing, especially digital marketing, boasts myriad tools and methodologies to track and measure ROI accurately. With the advent of technologies such as customized URLs, QR codes and powerful analytics platforms, marketers can track customer interactions, downloads and click-throughs, providing a clear picture of the campaign’s effectiveness. This data-driven approach gives marketing a distinct advantage, allowing practitioners to demonstrate a direct correlation between their efforts and business outcomes.


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Drew Barrymore’s bestselling single-serve coffee maker is finally back in stock at Walmart!

Coffee lovers and caffeine enthusiasts know the importance of a good cup of joe in the morning. And they also know that, sometimes, the best brew is made at home in your very own kitchen. Earlier this year, coffee maker;cpos:1;pos:1;elm:context_link;itc:0;sec:content-canvas;outcm:mb_qualified_link;_E:mb_qualified_link;ct:story;” class=”link yahoo-link”Drew Barrymore released a single-serve coffee maker under her Beautiful line at Walmart, and shoppers were hooked, praising it for grinding beans and brewing beautifully without the use of pods or K-cups. Of course, it sold out pretty quickly — but we’re happy to report that it’s finally back in stock!


This cutie brews a single cup, ranging from 6 to 16 ounces, and comes in four gorgeous colors: black, blue, sage and white. They’re all back in stock (for now).

$99 at Walmart

The fact that it’s pod-free is what sets this machine apart from other single-serve brewers, especially at this price. No pods = less waste. Plus, pods can add up real fast. Another perk? The coffee maker has a grinder that knows exactly how much beans are needed for the cup size. And it’ll grind enough coffee for up to 16 cups before needing to be refilled.

In addition to its brew power, Drew Barrymore’s gizmo has touch-activated buttons that allow you to make regular, bold or iced coffee. And you can pre-program your brew, so you can wake up to your coffee ready to go before you are. Pre-programming can save you some time in the a.m. but also sends the uplifting smell of coffee through to air to ease you out of bed. (You know, just in case your blaring alarm isn’t enough.)

Worried about counter real estate? Beautiful’s Perfect Grind Coffee Maker has a pretty slim footprint — just 5 inches wide and under 15 inches tall to

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Hong Kong construction site blaze mostly put out after burning for 40 hours

Hong Kong firefighters have mostly extinguished a massive blaze at a construction site after it burned for more than 40 hours.

The fire, which began at a Housing Society site in Tin Shui Wan at about 1.20pm on Tuesday, was largely put out by 7am on Thursday.

The Fire Services Department said on Thursday morning that some firefighters still needed to stay behind to prevent the fire from emerging again.

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Wong King-man, deputy chief fire officer of the New Territories North, said the vast area of the site, together with a large amount of building materials, had complicated the operation.

“The fire site is 70 metres by 80 metres [230 feet by 262 feet], meaning the size is more than 5,000 square metres,” Wong said.

“There were lots of smoke and the temperature was very high, going beyond 500 degrees Celsius,” he added.

The highly inflammable oxyacetylene cylinders at the site also contributed to the intense fire, Wong said.

Firefighters were able to rein in the blaze after changing their defensive strategy to a more proactive one on Wednesday, authorities said.

Firefighters enter Hong Kong construction site to fight overnight blaze

Emergency personnel were unable to access the basement area of the site, where they said they believed the fire started, for more than a day. Drones were deployed for aerial surveillance and robots sent to assist firefighters during the marathon bid to gain the upper hand.

Wong explained that the basement was like a maze, with metal and wooden frames strewn about that prevented firefighters from getting in.


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The Rock It! Co. launches new website for KIND of the Upstate

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GREENVILLE, S.C. – The Rock It! Co. has redeveloped the website for an amazing nonprofit serving the Upstate.

KIND of the Upstate seeks to advocate for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion of people with disabilities. It provides educational material to local schools that ignite discussions between children, parents, and educators about the importance of being kind to others and learning that everyone has different abilities. Furthermore, KIND of the Upstate promotes the inclusion and acceptance of all individuals.

One of the major additions to the KIND of the Upstate website was the addition of the organization’s four event styles it helps create: inclusive family gatherings, education programs, lunch & learns, and events aimed first, second and third grade students. Learn more at kindoftheupstate.org.

Leah Stoudenmire, the founder and CEO of The Rock It! Co., said revitalizing the website was something she was enthusiastic about because of her personal support of the agency’s mission of awareness and inclusion.

Started in 2014, The Rock It! Co. is a fully integrated events and marketing firm. Through corporate events, website development and management, e-mail communications, public relations, social media and search engine marketing, The Rock It! Co. is designed to do one thing: get the results companies and nonprofits need to succeed.

“We are so proud to reveal the redesign of the KIND of the Upstate’s website,” Stoudenmire said. “This was a labor of love for our team, and we are thrilled with the outcome.”

About The Rock It! Co.:

The Rock It! Co. is the one-stop shop for companies and non-profit organizations looking to take their brands and stories to the next level. With decades of expertise in creating and developing events and marketing campaigns across the country, The Rock It! Co. brings all of the needed skills of

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Tech, Marketing Strategy, & Aesthetics of AIR COMPANY

Increasingly, senior execs from large tech and CPG companies are opting for jobs in smaller firms focused strongly on purpose, where their expertise can significantly impact the company and the planet. AIR COMPANY is a company of the future because it uniquely combines:

  1. Cutting-edge technology with the potential to make a serious dent in greenhouse gas emissions (if scaled across all its potential applications, the company projects global emissions could be reduced by 10.8%)
  2. Unconventional B2B climate tech marketing and design aesthetics
  3. An unusual collection of marketing talents vs. sector norms
  4. Senior management that understands marketing communication and creative risk taking

The company recently announced that top senior marketing executive Andrew McKechnie has joined AIR COMPANY as Head of Marketing.

Andrew held positions as Global Head of Design Group at Apple Marcom, and as Senior Vice President, Chief Creative Officer at Verizon where he led the creative marketing group and founded its 300+ person in-house agency, 140. When I interviewed Andrew about his decision to join AIR COMPANY, and after researching the company, the appeal became clear: the huge potential of AIR COMPANY to benefit the planet, its unique use of industrial and product design to engage broad audiences in conversations about sustainability, the accessible communication about its advanced scientific technology, and its strategic choices to launch surprising premium products early on to maximize corporate awareness. The challenges of bringing even more humanity and warmth to how AIR COMPANY showcases its cutting-edge technology, and of further amplifying its purpose-led storytelling, are areas Andrew excelled in at Apple and Verizon.

Cutting-Edge Tech

AIR COMPANY’s mission

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Philips halts sales of sleep apnea machines over safety concerns

Update: This story has been updated with a statement from Phillips

Medical device maker Phillips formally entered into a consent decree that stops the company from selling sleep apnea machines in the United States over health concerns that include cancer.

The decree − entered in federal court in Pennsylvania on Tuesday − requires the company to hire an independent safety firm, undergo facility testing for five years and face a review of the testing of machines sent to replace recalled machines.

The company must offer a payment option as a part of a remediation plan, a first for a device recalled under a consent decree, according to U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials.

Phillips could be fined up to $20 million annually if they fail to uphold any part of the decree.

Under an settlement agreement with the FDA and Justice Department, Philips will not be able to sell its breathing devices and ventilators used to treat sleep apnea until it meets a number of safety regulations.

Where does Phillips go from here?

The company, which did not admit wrongdoing, first revealed that it had agreed to a consent decree in a January earnings update.

“Throughout this recall, we have provided patients with important health information by issuing numerous safety communications and have taken actions rarely used by the agency to help protect those impacted by this recall,” Jeff Shuren, director of the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, said in a statement announcing the decree’s entry. “Today’s action is a culmination of those efforts and includes novel provisions aimed at helping ensure that patients receive the relief they have long deserved.”

The company is allowed to manufacture and distribute machines and parts that the FDA determine are “medically necessary.”

“Philips Respironics will continue to prioritize completing the remediation of the sleep and respiratory care devices under Respironics’ voluntary June 2021 recall,” Phillips said in a statement. “Millions of patients are currently using Philips Respironics sleep and respiratory care devices. Philips

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Hudson’s site construction hits milestone with final beam installed, name announced

DETROIT (FOX 2)A major milestone was reached on the Detroit skyline as the final beam was lifted into place at the famed Hudson site.

Standing 681 feet tall, the construction project is Detroit’s largest in half a century and years in the making.

Bedrock, the development firm behind the Hudson site’s build-out, announced the “tipping off” moment on Thursday as work begins on the next phase of construction. That includes installing the glass facade, which will continue into the spring.

To celebrate the occasion, Bedrock also announced the building’s name: Hudson’s Detroit. It was announced on social media a day after the construction milestone was announced.

“The legacy lives on. Defined by Detroit, Built for the World. The name Hudson’s has graced this site since 1891 and we’re not planning on changing it now. Introducing, Hudson’s Detroit,” the company wrote.

Once complete, the Woodward Avenue-located building will offer 1.5 million square feet in retail, office, dining, hospitality, residential, and venue space.

As the second-biggest building in Detroit once it’s completed, Barton Marlow employees said they had always wanted to work on something as big as what the Hudson’s Detroit became.

“To say I was a part of it, and to see it when I am old and retired, it’ll put a smile on my face,” said Matt Menchaca, who worked as the lead tower crane operator. He was there from the beginning of construction.

The run-up to beginning work on the tower included debate over the size of the tax break that Bedrock should get for construction.

The city council approved $60 million in relief. The building was expected to cost $1.4 billion to build.

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Official election results: Fraser’s Downtown Development Authority passes by 1 vote

The area highlighted in yellow on the map are the boundaries of the downtown development authority district now that it was approved by Fraser voters.
Town of Fraser/Courtesy image

Fraser’s ballot issues A and B, which were related to the formation of a Fraser Downtown Development Authority, both passed according to the official election results released April 11 by the town. The unofficial results released April 3 had Question A failing by four votes and Question B tied. Official results may include ballots from citizens and military personnel living abroad known as UOCAVA ballots and returned discrepancy ballots.

The results for trustees and mayor did not change.

Ballot issue A passed by one vote with 43 votes in favor and 42 against. Ballot issue A asked voters to approve an authorization of a total debt amount of up to $25 million over the 30 year lifetime of the downtown development authority.

Ballot issue B passed with 45 votes in favor and 40 against. This ballot issue allows for the formation of a Fraser Downtown Development Authority, which is often referred to as a DDA, to implement a plan of development within the specified area.

What is a downtown development authority?

DDAs are quasi-governmental entities whose primary objective is to create a development plan for the central business district and facilitate the economic development of properties within the district boundaries. They plan and develop public facilities, like streets, sidewalks and parking garages in the district.

At least five, but no more than 11 members serve on the authority. The Fraser Board of Trustees appoints members to serve on the DDA. One member must also be a member of the board. Employees of the town cannot serve on the DDA.

How’s it funded?

Ballot issue A provided a debt authorization for the

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Marketing agency sold as Thoughtmix founder takes over

Peter Watson and Bradley McKenny, former directors of Distract, have sold the Lincoln digital marketing agency to Steve Bryant, founder and managing director of Umbrella Brands Group – the company behind affiliate marketing agency Thoughtmix.

Bryant established Thoughtmix in 2015 and has worked with brands such as cardfactory, National Express and The Couture Club.

He will become the new managing director of Distract, which will transform into a specialist paid media agency.

Bryant will work with Stephanie Henderson, commercial and strategy lead, and Hannah Langton, the delivery lead, to implement a new business strategy and tactics.

Bryant is looking to focus Distract’s services on the B2C E-commerce, B2B and Education sectors.

Bryant said: “I’m excited to lead Distract into its next phase of growth and development. The team deliver some exceptional results for its Clients, and I’m delighted to have been welcomed in to harness their skills and expertise.”

Henderson added: “It’s a really exciting time for Distract. Steve brings a host of knowledge from his experience growing Thoughtmix to one of the largest agencies within the affiliate space. The offerings from both separate agencies complement each other really well and offer the potential for some really unique collaborations.”

Langton said: “Steve’s approach to Distract and the direction he has presented have been very refreshing and give us a clear plan for the future. His experience in affiliate marketing has given the team a new perspective, and we’re all looking forward to the changes being made and the relationship with Steve and Thoughtmix.”

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Most cars have built-in gadget but I NEVER use it – it’s so dull & car makers MUST up their game

A MOTOR enthusiast has revealed the one gadget they hate and have never used – despite being a popular built-in tool in all major cars.

The feature comes in almost every modern car and is meant to serve a practical purpose.

Motor enthusiasts are getting bored of practical car features


Motor enthusiasts are getting bored of practical car featuresCredit: Getty
Rear centre armrest with cup holders in a car


Rear centre armrest with cup holders in a carCredit: Getty

The gadget in the spotlight is a central armrest console with cup holders in the rear seating area of cars.

It is a built-in feature in almost every motor that comes out of a production line these days.

The central armrest can unfold for rear-seat passengers to help them place their hands comfortably while on a long road trip.

And the tray inside is supposed to hold cups filled with hot as well as cold drinks to prevent them from spilling as the car moves.

However, petrolheads are getting bored with this practical feature it seems.

One such enthusiast shared their thoughts on the gadget – and asked car makers to make it even more innovative.

Writing on a motor blog website Honest John, they called it boring and revealed he never used the cupholders in the central armrest.

They wrote: “I don’t think I’ve ever put cups in the cupholders myself.

“Rear seat passengers never seem interested in the central armrest [either].”

The car owner also said the gadget is dull – and manufacturers must repurpose the central armrest to make it more interesting.

Five motors perfect for long commutes including £10k Mercedes

They said: “Perhaps it would attract more curiosity if it held a drinks chiller or the controls for a rocket launcher rather than two dull cupholders.”

They even claimed to not have used their car’s fog lights – and dubbed

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