Daily Archive: April 10, 2024

How Partnerships And Alliances Build Credibility In Marketing

Salim Gheewalla is the VP of Marketing and Alliances for Calian IT & Cyber Solutions and Co-Host of the madmenpod.

As the famous saying goes: “If you want to go fast, go at it alone. If you want to go far, go at it together.” I believe that if you find many who want to go fast, you can go fast and far together. This applies to the current state of martech in which you see technology titans and IoT innovators working to break from traditional corporate molds, welcoming a wave of innovation that replaces monotony and uniformity with modernity and flexibility.

Although I may not be a marketing conductor by title, I’m an orchestrator, tasked with seamlessly blending the unique tones of marketing with alliances. I unite martech and partnerships to compose harmonious marketing and communications strategies, resulting in a symphony of successful business objectives.

Combining marketing with partnerships and alliances is a relatively new concept, but more organizations are realizing the value of carving out roles that cross marketing, sales, operations and partnerships—and it makes sense. Why wouldn’t you want the same people supporting your customers and partners along their respective journeys?

I’ve learned that the future of marketing isn’t just about AI and keeping up with SEO trends—it hinges on uncovering new avenues that encourage marketing to work with other departments. When marketers can adapt their strategies to amplify their efforts through partnerships, the returns speak for themselves.

Transform Marketing: Unlock Value Through Brand Shared Voice

Most marketers don’t manage alliances, but carving out this niche space for myself within the industry has helped shape my marketing strategies, yielding positive results. Strong brand partnerships increase a brand’s share of voice through PR and influencers. Forming these relationships with key media players adds credibility to your brand

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