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Most cars have built-in gadget but I NEVER use it – it’s so dull & car makers MUST up their game

A MOTOR enthusiast has revealed the one gadget they hate and have never used – despite being a popular built-in tool in all major cars.

The feature comes in almost every modern car and is meant to serve a practical purpose.

Motor enthusiasts are getting bored of practical car features


Motor enthusiasts are getting bored of practical car featuresCredit: Getty
Rear centre armrest with cup holders in a car


Rear centre armrest with cup holders in a carCredit: Getty

The gadget in the spotlight is a central armrest console with cup holders in the rear seating area of cars.

It is a built-in feature in almost every motor that comes out of a production line these days.

The central armrest can unfold for rear-seat passengers to help them place their hands comfortably while on a long road trip.

And the tray inside is supposed to hold cups filled with hot as well as cold drinks to prevent them from spilling as the car moves.

However, petrolheads are getting bored with this practical feature it seems.

One such enthusiast shared their thoughts on the gadget – and asked car makers to make it even more innovative.

Writing on a motor blog website Honest John, they called it boring and revealed he never used the cupholders in the central armrest.

They wrote: “I don’t think I’ve ever put cups in the cupholders myself.

“Rear seat passengers never seem interested in the central armrest [either].”

The car owner also said the gadget is dull – and manufacturers must repurpose the central armrest to make it more interesting.

Five motors perfect for long commutes including £10k Mercedes

They said: “Perhaps it would attract more curiosity if it held a drinks chiller or the controls for a rocket launcher rather than two dull cupholders.”

They even claimed to not have used their car’s fog lights – and dubbed

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Press Release | New UN report calls for trillions more in development investment to rescue Sustainable Development Goals

New UN report calls for trillions more in development investment to rescue Sustainable Development Goals 

Bold actions needed to scale up SDG investment and reform global financial system


UNITED NATIONS, 9 April 2024 – A new UN report today says financing challenges are at the heart of the world’s sustainable development crisis – as staggering debt burdens and sky-high borrowing costs prevent developing countries from responding to the confluence of crises they face. Only a massive surge of financing, and a reform of the international financial architecture can rescue the Sustainable Development Goals.

The 2024 Financing for Sustainable Development Report: Financing for Development at a Crossroads (FSDR 2024) says urgent steps are needed to mobilise financing at scale to close the development financing gap, now estimated at USD 4.2 trillion annually, up from USD 2.5 trillion before the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, rising geopolitical tensions, climate disasters and a global cost-of-living crisis have hit billions of people, battering progress on healthcare, education, and other development targets.

“This report is yet another proof of how far we still need to go and how fast we need to act to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development,” said UN Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed. “We are truly at a crossroads and time is running out. Leaders must go beyond mere rhetoric and deliver on their promises. Without adequate financing, the 2030 targets cannot be met.”

With only six years remaining to achieve the SDGs, hard-won development gains are being reversed, particularly in the poorest countries. If current trends continue, the UN estimates that almost 600 million people will continue to live in extreme poverty in 2030 and beyond, more than half of them women.

“We’re experiencing a sustainable development crisis, to which inequalities, inflation, debt, conflicts and climate disasters have all contributed,”

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