5 Easiest Website Builders for Beginners 2023: Pros, Cons & Costs

Finally, there’s a heatmap analytics feature that lets Hostinger’s users see what pages draw more website visitors, and how interested those visitors are in spending time on the site.

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Is Hostinger easy to use?

Hostinger’s greatest weakness can also be considered its greatest strength: the service has reduced functionality when compared with the big website builders like Wix and Squarespace, but this also makes it easier to use. Users can build a website faster and quicker when their options are more limited, which is the reason it nets a 3.9/5 in our ease of use research.

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If that sounds like damning the site with faint praise, we can also confirm that Hostinger’s interface is also easy on newbies, with a grid-style layout that our researchers found comprehensive and usable. When we used the software, we found its AI automation features straightforward to get to grips with, which is ideal for users looking to create a site in little time and with minimal effort.

There is one ease-of-use issue that we have to ding Hostinger for, though: there’s no onboarding process, which would have gone a long way towards reducing intimidation as a new user settles into understanding the website builder and how it works.

One extra perk for saving money with the already low-priced service: you can save on the monthly price with our exclusive code “TECH,” and get online for just a few dollars per month if you’re getting an annual plan. You might also be eligible for an extra four months free hosting, a free SSL certificate, three months of free business email, and a domain all thrown in for free.

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