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It’s not like the world needs another ad agency. And yet, here comes the introduction of The Wrong Agency, a creative consultancy that believes it has a unique quality that will separate it from the pack. It probably won’t have any clients, the agency says about itself.

The Wrong Agency founder Kevin Lynch says, “Being a clientless agency … that’s a real white space in an otherwise crowded field.”

Lynch’s skepticism about attracting a roster of familiar brand names stems from the fact that what The Wrong Agency offers flies in the face of how CEOs and CMOs partner with agencies today. Among its traits, The Wrong Agency confesses to be:

  • demanding (it insists on working directly with decision-makers)
  • simple-minded (it will not take on briefs with more than one message), and
  • unserious (it believes brands are like people — you want to spend time with the ones who make you smile).

The agency adds that it is also impatient and vows to fire itself if it is not creating fame—building work within six months of being hired.

“Marketing is really easy, if we let it be,” adds Lynch, who spent the last seven years creating highly-lauded work as creative director at Oatly and director of marketing at Shanghai American School.

“I’m coming from unique brand-side experiences where processes were simple and trust was high, and you woke up each morning knowing the best idea you had that day was the one you’d do. Brands would be well–served to create that kind of … yet, they typically don’t,” says Lynch.

The Wrong Agency says it isn’t completely against taking on clients someday, though it would cap the client roster at a maximum of three. But that rosy scenario seems far off for now.

“We’re not in any discussions with prospective clients,” Lynch concludes. “We don’t even see any on the horizon.”

For more information, visit we-are-wrong.com.

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