Avoid Digital Marketing Disasters In 2023: 8 Tips For Unbeatable Success

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Digital marketing can feel like it’s evolving at breakneck speed. Many business owners don’t have the hours in the day to keep up with the latest trends and forecasts for the rest of 2023 and onwards. Fail to move with the times and you risk losing market share to your closest competitor.

Jordan Power, President of the highly-sought after agency, Grey Smoke Media provides eight digital marketing tips that business owners should digest to succeed in the most competitive of arenas.

  1. Data, Data, Data- The more you know about your customer the more you can predict their next move. You already know your customer demographics but start to layer their psychographic information further and further. By collecting customer data, businesses can continue to create bespoke marketing efforts on both their website and weekly email newsletters.
  2. Create content that is value-driven- You don’t just want to be a great brand; you want to be a source of value for your customer base. Content should be both informative, engaging, and shareable. Put the effort into creating something that propagates naturally across the web and watch it grow. If you yourself fit within the target demo, ask yourself if it’s something you’d want to share with your inner circle.
  3. Voice Search is coming- The prevalence of voice search is on the rise. The content on all your pages should be optimized to make way for this rising trend. The ways you can improve on this is to use language that is conversational, answer questions that are common (as you may be doing in the schema) and structure all language for easy scans by voice assistants.
  4. Build Communities alongside your brand– At a time when social bonds can feel frayed, it’s crucial that individuals associate your brand with a gathering space. Content created by your team should foster connections. Don’t just build a brand, build a community. Your brand will then be naturally associated with happier times and social connections.
  5. Podcast Ads are the play- Though at a higher CPM, Podcast ads have proven to deliver large ROIs for brands. According to a 2021 report by Edison Research, podcast ads have very high recall with 86% of survey respondents corroborating this. Podcast listeners tend to have a very personal Parasocial relationship with hosts and thus their credibility will trickle down to your brand. Podcast ads can also generate brand recall at four times the rate of display ads. Plus, podcast audiences are rapidly growing with a growth rate of over 30% since 2020. Invest now.
  6. Content Volume- By now you may have heard of the incredible success story of Monday.com. In the 12 months leading up to their IPO they pushed out over 1000 articles (about 125 per month). This resulted in substantial growth as they eventually ranked for over 1700 keywords. The lesson here? Create something incredible that others will naturally want to backlink to. Then sit back and collect the SEO dividends. The organic traffic is already there so it’s crucial that you increase your search market share over each quarter.
  7. Remarketing- Design personalized content that is tailored to each sub-group that you are targeting. This will significantly increase conversions. Break it down further by creating a large list of audiences. For example, our audience could be individuals who only went to a specific page on your site or interacted with specific content. Spend the time getting granular with the data and you’ll be able to find your secret sauce.
  8. Adwords in 2023- Your AdWords campaign should be incredibly specific, relevant, measurable, and fixed term. Besides drilling down into long-tail keyword opportunities brands should remember that as third-party data becomes more uncommon, first-party data will be incredibly important. Lastly, study your competitors like a hawk. Auctions insights reports from Google as well as the tool, Similar web, are crucial elements for success.

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