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When considering a new job, employees want to join workplaces that not only support them in their current position, but support their future growth, too.

In a recent survey by Comparably, more than half of employees said their companies are not invested in their career growth. To point them in a better direction, Comparably ranked the companies supporting employees’ upward mobility. 

Comparably used 20 million ratings across 70,000 North American companies where employees anonymously review their professional development opportunities from May 2022 through May 2023. Some of the sample questions the platform asked included: “Are you challenged at work?”; “How often do you get valuable feedback on how to improve at work?”; and “Does your current company provide meaningful opportunities for career advancement?”

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Companies with comprehensive training programs have seen a 24% higher profit margin, according to recent data from workplace insights website Zippia. That’s probably due to the fact that 76% of employees said they are actively looking for opportunities to expand their careers and 92% said employee training programs have a positive effect on their engagement when well-executed, highlighting how critical it will be for companies moving forward. 

On Comparably’s list, Boston Consulting Group came in first place for career development, followed by staffing solutions agency Insight Global and software company RingCentral (which also ranked highly in Comparably’s annual ranking of best CEOs and companies that champion diversity). IBM, ADP, HubSpot and Informatica also ranked on both lists.  

See which companies are setting up their employees up for success, an what those employees had to say about it:

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