Multiple cases of wire thefts found at Federal Parliament construction site in Singha Durbar – myRepublica

KATHMANDU, Aug 24: Multiple instances of wire thefts have been uncovered at the under-construction Federal Parliament building within Singha Durbar. Following the revelation of these thefts occurring on different occasions, the authorities took action by apprehending several workers for questioning.

Through thorough investigation, it was unveiled that the thefts were orchestrated in collaboration with the workers themselves. The police identified individuals involved in the case as Jeevan Kumar Tharu, Prem Tharu, Ram Bahadur Tharu, Sanjay Chaudhary, the owner of a scrap collection center named Shyam Rai Yadav, and a minor.

CCTV footage and other substantiating evidence prompted the police to make arrests, as it indicated their involvement in the wire thefts. The stolen wires were being dismantled for their rubber content, which was then sold to scrap collectors.

The parliament complex, situated on an expansive area of 173 ropanis 8 anas (equivalent to 88,271 square meters), encompasses the construction of 12 distinct buildings. These structures include the House of Representatives, National Assembly, a common lobby connecting the two, offices for esteemed officials, a library, parliamentary party office building, parliamentary committee building, Parliament Secretariat building complete with a canteen, press printing facility, parking area, and quarters for security personnel.


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