Seven Hills planning website redesign

SEVEN HILLS, Ohio — City Council late last month approved a redesign of the city’s website.

“The city’s current website is timeworn and outdated, lacking innovative and technological advancements,” City Council President Phillip Kiriazis said.

“The new and vastly improved website will feature many amenities, including advanced security components, which are a vital element in today’s day and age,” he said.

“The enhanced website will play a pivotal role in providing essential information to residents in regard to the city’s affairs and events, not to mention the ability of our residents to communicate with the city in a more effective manner.”

The $5,400 contract to create a new website was awarded to the Pelaia Media Group, which previously completed the same task for the City of Rocky River.

Seven Hills Mayor Anthony D. Biasiotta said the three-phase project includes web assessment and planning, web design and development, and web testing before a launch.

The new website should be operational in early fall.

“This contract will allow the city to bring (up) to date our website and utilize modern technology that should enable our staff to make easier and more frequent updates to the content,” he said.

“In addition, the new site will be built with all required metadata in order to comply with ADA web browser requirements.”

Another factor driving the city to redesign its website, which dates to 2015, is tied to the current page being maintained via a contract with Cuyahoga County, which will no longer offer the service going forward.

The mayor noted that the new website includes tools providing city leaders access to scoring data and feedback, allowing for its continual improvement while avoiding becoming “stale over time.”

“The update is just one of the many projects the City of Seven Hills has taken on and will continue to take on to modernize operations and create the high-functioning government our residents deserve,” he said.

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