Stellantis’ Marissa Hunter on Twitter, Threads, ‘free market’ agency approach

Automakers have a reason to take a more cautious approach to X compared with other advertisers, given Musk also runs electric vehicle giant Tesla, which has become more of a competitor to traditional automakers as they plow more investments into EVs. General Motors also paused Twitter advertising in the wake of Musk’s acquisition of the company late last year, although CEO Mary Barra opened the door to returning during an interview last month on CNBC. 

Hunter said Stellantis is taking a “wait and watch” approach, but called the Yaccarino hire “a great move.”

While she said she has not noticed “an immediate difference” under Yaccarino, “I’m sure a lot of that is happening behind the scenes … I think we’ll give her a little bit of time to get her sea legs—although with Linda, it doesn’t take very long because she’s pretty much pro of all pros.”

As it waits on Twitter (now X), Stellantis has begun experimenting on Meta’s Threads, the X competitor that debuted earlier this month. “We’ve done a couple of pilot tests and trials specific to some of the Jeep brand activity,” Hunter said, adding “the engagement results that we’ve seen on a preliminary basis have been directionally positive.” One recent Thread from Jeep leaned into the “Barbie” marketing hype.

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