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How Justin Day is Revolutionizing Marketing with AI

Embrace a New Era in Content Marketing: How Justin Day is Revolutionizing Marketing with AI

Few industries have been so instrumental in the development of human civilization as the marketing industry. From ancient marketplaces to modern digital platforms, both manufacturers and consumers have required a bridge that allows them to satisfy their needs. Unfortunately, the practices of most marketing companies have resulted in a widespread negative perception of the industry. Day by Day Digital is changing this — one brand at a time. 

Day by Day Digital is a Dallas-based content marketing agency founded by Justin Day in 2016 as part of his mission to revolutionize the marketing industry leveraging the power of AI. At that time, Day had been part of the marketing industry for several years both in leadership and non-leadership roles. Seven years later, Day is one of the most recognized names in the marketing industry, uniquely positioned to push for change through his new book.  

Titled “In Search of Tomorrow: How AI-Driven Search Results Shape The Future of Your Business”,  Day’s book has already taken the world of marketing by storm and is currently ranked as the #1 seller on Amazon. Published back on June 19th, the book goes into depth about what the future of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) will look like now that AI has gone mainstream. 

Day penned Amazon bestseller, “In Search of Tomorrow” (2023).

With technologies like AI becoming increasingly relevant around the globe, there is a lot of potential for a paradigm shift to take place in the marketing industry. This is the main topic of Justin Day’s bestselling book.  

“AI will change the world of marketing forever. In this book, I share valuable insights on how the reader can prepare their business for the upcoming shift. Whether you are looking to rank in the top sports,

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