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How to build a website using Hostinger

Without coding and design skills, building a website without the services of expert web designers and web developers seems like a daunting task. 

Most successful websites bank on stunning designs, awesome content and a seamless user interface. It’s a no brainer: make your website look and feel professional, and customers will start trusting you. The design and the content work hand in hand in attracting traffic.

This goes to show how important having a professional-looking website is, especially if you’re only getting started extending your reach to the millions of potential customers. You’re not only wanting to lead them to your site, you’ll also want to make them stay. And nothing would prevent them from staying more than bad design and lackluster content. 

Before you start thinking about getting that website started, you first need to consider a few things:

  1. Who’s going to host your site?
  2. What platform will you be using in building your site?
  3. What are you going to name your site?
  4. What types of design and features do you want included?
  5. Who’s going to design and build your site?

Your hosting, platform, domain name and design and features will all be based on your choice, but a little help can get you through number 5 inasmuch as it’s possible to get a website built without hiring a web developer and/or a web designer. . 

Website builders (opens in new tab) that are aimed towards beginners are starting to gain more attention, and rightfully so. No longer requiring expert help can help you save tons on costs, and the do-it-yourself experience can help improve your skills in design as well. 

European web hosting provider Hostinger (opens in new tab) is among the biggest names not only in providing affordable and powerful web hosting, but also one of the

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