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Build a Whole Website in Minutes

Although Shopify isn’t quite an AI website builder in the same way the other providers on this list are, it’s beginning to roll out a range of useful AI tools that are definitely worth checking out. Although it’s quite pricey, if you’re planning to build an online store, there’s really no better choice available than Shopify.

Shopify Magic is a suite of AI tools that ecommerce website builder Shopify launched in April of this year. While Shopify doesn’t have a Wix ADI alternative, Shopify Magic is a very useful tool for budding ecommerce sellers.

The most useful thing it does is auto-generate product descriptions, so the more products you have listed on your store, the more time you’ll save. However, it can also help with blog posts, generating compelling email subject lines and personalized FAQs for your online store. Prior to the release of Shopify Magic, these kinds of tasks – which are necessary if you want to drive traffic to your online store – would require hours of time, energy, and human effort.

If you’re thinking of building an online store and want to try out Shopify Magic, now’s the time to do it – you can sign up for just $1 per month for the first 3 months at the moment, which is really good value for money for an ecommerce platform as capable as this one.

On top of this, Shopify recently announced a new tool called Shopify Sidekick, the platform’s very own “personal ecommerce assistant”, which can respond to prompts like ChatGPT and Claude.

Along with helping you redesign your online store, Shopify Sidekick will soon be able to reply to live chat queries posed by customers, generate even more content for your score, create discount codes, and carry out tedious housekeeping tasks.

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10 FREE AI Tools for Web Developers

As a web developer, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into your projects can enhance functionality, improve user experiences, and streamline development processes. Fortunately, there are several free AI tools available that can empower web developers to leverage AI capabilities without breaking the budget.

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Here are 10 free AI tools for web developers:

1. Codeium.com

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Codeium is a platform that offers coding challenges, tutorials, and projects to help developers of all levels enhance their programming skills and learn about various programming languages and technologies.


  • Codeium covers a wide variety of programming languages and technologies, catering to diverse interests.
  • You can access interactive coding challenges that test and improve your problem-solving skills and coding techniques.
  • The website offers tutorials and guides on various programming topics, from beginner to advanced levels.
  • Codeium encourages collaborative learning through coding projects and the ability to connect with other developers.
  • The website offers a user-friendly interface and a community-focused environment to foster learning and skill development.

2. Snyk powered by DeepCode AI

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Snyk offers tools and solutions to help developers identify and address security vulnerabilities in their code, with a focus on open-source libraries and containers. The platform integrates into development workflows to ensure security from early stages and provides resources to educate users about security best practices.


  • Snyk provides tools and solutions for developers to address security vulnerabilities in their code.
  • The platform focuses on helping developers find and fix security issues in open-source libraries and containers.
  • Users can integrate Snyk into their development workflow to ensure security best practices from the early stages.
  • The website emphasizes the importance of shifting left in security, addressing vulnerabilities as code is being developed.
  • Snyk’s tools can automatically fix some vulnerabilities or provide actionable steps to mitigate security risks.


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Anthony Casalena, the founder and CEO of Squarespace talks about acquiring Google Domains, why its new AI tools won’t ruin the internet and the zen of power

Today, I’m talking to Anthony Casalena, the founder and CEO of Squarespace, the ubiquitous web hosting and design company. If you’re a podcast listener, you’ve heard a Squarespace ad. 

I was excited to talk to Anthony because it really feels like we’re going through a reset moment on the internet, and I wanted to hear how he’s thinking about the web and what websites are even for in 2023.

If you’re a Vergecast listener, you know I’ve been saying it feels a lot like 2011 out there. The big platforms like Facebook and TikTok are very focused on entertainment content. Twitter is going through… let’s call them changes. People are trying out new platforms like Instagram Threads and rethinking their relationships with old standbys like Reddit. And the introduction of AI means that search engines like Google, which was really the last great source of traffic for web pages, just don’t seem that reliable anymore as it begins to answer more questions directly. It’s uncertain and exciting: a lot of things we took for granted just a couple of years ago are up for grabs, and I think that might be a good thing.

Anthony founded Squarespace in his dorm room in 2003 — and over the past 20 years, he’s seen a lot of web ideas come and go. My questions were pretty simple: why would anyone even make a website in 2023? He told me that right now, a lot of Squarespace clients think of Instagram and other social sites as their homepage — and they bring people to their websites just to complete transactions because they have more payment options on the web. That’s a pretty huge shift in thinking about the web and what it’s for.

The other huge shift is thinking about where all the

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17 Important Things For Agencies Using AI In Marketing To Consider

With more and more businesses adopting artificial intelligence tools to enable efficient workflows and generate creative content, AI is a big part of the conversation in marketing today. As the industry embraces exciting new possibilities to quickly reach more specific target audiences with more personalized content, it’s important for agency leaders to consider what potential pitfalls might look like.

Balancing caution and innovation is going to be a challenge for many agencies and in-house marketers seeking to leverage AI in their operations this year. Below, 17 Forbes Agency Council members share important things for marketing leaders to consider as they navigate this new AI-driven landscape to mitigate risks and maximize the benefits of using this powerful technology.

1. AI Requires Guidance

We need to guide and teach AI to receive the best outcomes. It is a mistake to assume that the AI will run properly and execute without errors with a few simple prompts. Human intellect will still be needed to teach, correct and achieve really good AI outcomes. – Korena Keys, KeyMedia Solutions

2. AI Won’t Have The Most Up-To-Date Information

AI outputs are only as good as the data the model was trained on. Information changes rapidly in our interconnected world, so programs such as ChatGPT won’t have the most up-to-date information. Marketers should make sure they’re testing queries to get the most accurate AI-generated results and cross-check the results against more recent data. – Hugo Loriot, fifty-five

3. AI Has Limited Legal Precedence

When using AI to create content for marketing purposes, it is important to be aware of the limited legal precedence of AI in regard to copyright law. Creating campaign content using generative AI can lead to problems with ownership. To avoid issues, consult legal experts, implement attribution protocols and collaborate with

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