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Altitude Marketing Launches Cutting-Edge Website for Discovery Life Sciences

EMMAUS, Pa., Nov. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Altitude Marketing, a life sciences marketing agency with over 19 years of experience serving B2B companies, recently unveiled a brand new website for its client, Discovery Life Sciences (Discovery), a prominent player in biospecimen and biomarker solutions.

Discovery Life Sciences featured image

Discovery Life Sciences featured image

Discovery’s mission is to restore hope by speeding the development of innovative diagnostics and effective treatments to improve care. They accomplish this by partnering with researchers in industry, academia, and government―furthering their abilities to complete their vital work faster by providing them with the highest quality products and services.

As Discovery experienced ongoing business growth, they recognized the importance of aligning their digital presence with this expansion. Their website served as a vital tool for lead generation and nurturing. With the goal of establishing themselves as the industry leaders, they sought a new website that would reflect their status and expertise.

“As we continue to experience remarkable growth, enhancing our digital presence became a strategic imperative for Discovery Life Sciences,” shared Tiffany Salas-Morris, SVP Marketing at Discovery Life Sciences. “Altitude’s demonstrated expertise in life science and branding shines through their work on our new website. They meticulously delved into our brand identity and objectives, resulting in the creation and launch of a technically sophisticated, sleek, and industry-leading website. Altitude has far exceeded our partnership expectations.”

In October, Altitude successfully launched a revamped website for Discovery, marking a significant milestone in their partnership. Altitude’s strategic approach involved refining the company’s messaging, improving user experience, and creating a sleek, professional design. This transformation ensures that Discovery looks like the global industry leader they are.

Today, Altitude continues to play a pivotal role in driving Discovery’s growth. Their ongoing collaboration encompasses a wide range of marketing services, including graphic

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Altitude Marketing Announces Branding & Marketing Partnership with LS CancerDiag

Altitude Marketing, a full-service life sciences marketing and branding agency serving B2B companies for more than 19 years, recently announced a partnership with LS CancerDiag, the distinguished experts behind the groundbreaking DiagMMR® assay.

EMMAUS, Pa., Aug. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — LS CancerDiag’s ultimate mission is to reduce cancer mortality rates, a mission that’s underpinned by a vision for DiagMMR® to become the new global standard test for Lynch syndrome diagnosis. DiagMMR® is a simple and accurate diagnostic method for inherited MMR deficiency, which is linked to Lynch syndrome, the most prevalent inherited cancer predisposition worldwide.

Altitude Marketing & LS CancerDiag Partnership

Altitude and LS CancerDiag will embark on a rebranding project to elevate the company’s visual and verbal identity. 

Current Lynch syndrome diagnosis relies heavily on tumor studies and DNA sequencing, but limitations in these methods led LS CancerDiag’s founder to seek a new way. DiagMMR® is the result of many years of dedicated research, an innovation that dramatically simplifies the diagnostics of Lynch syndrome to enable preventive care and help save lives.

LS CancerDiag’s important work started in the labs of the University of Helsinki and has been clinically validated and launched in local markets. Now, the company is entering a new stage of growth: bringing this breakthrough test to the United States.

“We are excited about our new partnership with Altitude Marketing. As we are increasing our efforts to introduce our diagnostic solutions to the US market, having an appealing and consistent brand strategy and reliable marketing execution is critical,” said Philippe Arnez, Chief Business Officer of LS CancerDiag. “The partnership allows us to step up our game by bringing in a marketing professional based in the US as an extension of our own team, which is based in Finland. This will be of great help, and with their

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