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Google rolls out Gemini Pro for developers and enterprises

Google recently introduced Gemini, its latest AI model, and has now made Gemini Pro accessible to developers and organizations. Alongside, Google released various AI tools, models, and infrastructure. Here are the key points:

Gemini Pro

Gemini Pro comes in three sizes: Ultra, Pro, and Nano. It is already integrated into Android, starting with Pixel 8 Pro, and a tailored version is in Bard. Gemini Pro is accessible via the Gemini API, surpassing other models in its category on research benchmarks.

It offers a 32K context window for text and supports 38 languages across 180+ countries. Features include function calling, embeddings, semantic retrieval, custom knowledge grounding, and chat functionality.

Software Development Kits are available for Gemini Pro, supporting Python, Android (Kotlin), Node.js, Swift, and JavaScript. Accessible via the Gemini API in Google AI Studio for developers and through Google Cloud’s Vertex AI platform for enterprises.

Other AI Models and Tools Introduced by Google
  • Upgraded Tools: Google introduces an upgraded Imagen 2 text-to-image diffusion tool.
  • Healthcare Industry Models: A family of foundation models fine-tuned for the healthcare industry, MedLM, is introduced.
  • Duet AI: Google announces the general availability of Duet AI for Developers and Duet AI in Security Operations.
Google AI Studio: The Fastest Path to Gemini Development

Google AI Studio, a free web-based developer tool, facilitates prompt development, providing an API key for app development. Free quota allows 60 requests per minute, and users can transition to Vertex AI for additional customization.

Vertex AI on Google Cloud
  • Transition Path: Developers can seamlessly move from Google AI Studio to Vertex AI for a fully-managed AI platform.
  • Data Control: Vertex AI offers full data control, enterprise security, safety, privacy, and data governance.
Advanced AI Technologies
  • Imagen 2 on Vertex AI: Google updates Vertex AI with Imagen 2, its advanced text-to-image diffusion technology.
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