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Winners‘ Circle: Acquisit on winning Performance Marketing Agency of the Year

Marie Franchaud, Marketing Lead at Acquisit 

Tell us why you think you won the award?

Our approach to digital marketing is drastically different: we are not media buyers.

We are a growth marketing company, our core mission is to deliver digital growth to our clients, media is only one of the tools we leverage to reach this goal. And we believe this award is a testament to our success this year in doing so.

Our submission was rooted in tangible results, highlighting our successful collaborations with major brands throughout the year. We emphasised the concrete outcomes and milestones reached, demonstrating our ability to drive measurable growth for our clients.

Additionally, we showcased our leadership’s vision, which is centred on bringing transparency as a new industry standard and setting a new benchmark for ethical and effective practices in the industry.

How will the award help you/your agency?

Winning this award bolsters our claim of being the best at what we do, and it is a reassurance for our clients and potential clients that our approach to media is correct and only supports even bigger results and deeper collaboration.

This recognition, coupled with our Google Award on Workplace Excellence, will undoubtedly open more doors for us and, help us attract new talent and clients who are looking for proven expertise in the field.

How important is your team?

Our team is the cornerstone of our company. Their ambition for excellence, dedication and strong appetite for data drive our success.

We strongly emphasize fostering a positive and dynamic culture, as we believe that a motivated and cohesive team is essential for delivering exceptional results to our clients. Their importance cannot be overstated; they are not just part of the company, they are the heart of it.

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