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Leeds based marketing agency launches support for entrepreneurs and startups

A Leeds based agency has launched a support package to help budding entrepreneurs bring their ideas to market.

The new service from Zeal helps with market viability studies, branding, and digital marketing. It also offers new businesses access to a network of advisors ranging from funding providers to professional services and helps to secure grants.

Jane Slimming, CEO at Zeal, commented: “Yorkshire is a powerhouse of entrepreneurship and creativity, but every business needs a trusted network to thrive.

“I know from starting my own business how hard it can be to navigate the challenges of growing a business. We’ve designed and developed a comprehensive support service for startups to help them scale up.”

Based on a review of data from CreditSafe, the most recent study from R3, the UK’s insolvency and restructuring trade group, reveals that Yorkshire and the Humber had a solid start to the year, with startups rising by 34 per cent from the previous month in January 2023.

The figures increased in February, peaking at 5,315 in March. They increased to 4,782 in May, an increase of 11.5 per cent from April. Zeal has developed a range of ways to finance its support, from flexible fee arrangements to revenue share for e-commerce companies.

The agency has already supported a broad range of startups, including wetsuit company Yonda, North Brewing Co, and Grubby, the UK’s first 100 per cent plant-based recipe kit.

Zeal is using the latest technology to reduce the barriers to advanced e-commerce and ensure that brands can communicate directly with customers to build loyalty and drive sales. Its team of 35 experts span everything from branding and design to SEO, PPC and programmatic advertising.

By Matthew Neville – Senior Correspondent, Bdaily

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5 Best AI Website Builders for UK Small Businesses 2023

What are the best AI tools for website building?

If you’re already keen on your website building platform, there’s a couple of add-ons that you can easily plug-in without leaving your chosen software. We’ve picked out a couple based on which tools integrate easily with content management platforms and that cater to crucial aspects of website building, like SEO. Here’s a couple that we thought would be useful to get your hands on:

Shopify Magic

In a few areas of Shopify, you can use automatic text generation to help with copywriting. Using AI technology, Shopify Magic takes information that you provide to produce suggestions for content, such as product descriptions, email subject lines, and headings for your online store. This is a great option for Shopify users and, in some ways, a replacement for ChatGPT for e-commerce businesses. Shopify Magic also was recently updated so now you can optimise your emails by generating compelling subject lines and content. Coming soon, you’ll also be able to access Smart replies meaning you can review, edit and respond to live chat inquiries instantly through your Shopify Inbox.


SEOPress makes WordPress SEO-friendly. It has lots of features and options that make it worth the money. Based on our first-hand user testing, we found it’s very easy to install, set up and use. It has a WooCommerce integration, Google Local Business, Google XML Video Sitemap, and Google Structured Data types. This means it’s a great option for WordPress users that want an accessible and user-friendly SEO optimisation tool.


This can be a fantastic source of inspiration for your page designs or for the small creative elements that give a website its personality. All you have to do is create an account on Discord (if you don’t already have one)

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