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Croquet makes it possible to put hundreds of players into web-based multiplayer action

Getting lots of people to do things at once at the same time in a virtual space is one of the attractions of the metaverse. You could have a concert or a big battle or a sporting event. But the internet and today’s gaming technology quickly chokes when the numbers of participants rises above 100.

But Croquet believes that its Croquet OS can provide a solution that will make it a lot easier to build multiplayer games with hundreds of players. David A. Smith, founder and CTO of Croquet, said in an interview with GamesBeat that the technology works today and developers can access it via the Unity game platform, and that early access is just about to start.

It’s another tool to “democratize game development.” And the vision for this technology goes all the way back to computing pioneer, Alan Kay, and a computer language dubbed Smalltalk.

Smith founded Croquet in 2019 and it has 15 people. The company raised $5 million in a round funded by SIP Global Partners and a group of experienced technology and financial industry veterans. The company is in the midst of raising a new round of funding.

The tech demos

These are some of 500 tanks in a demo by Croquet.
These are some of 500 tanks in a demo by Croquet.

The idea is to empower game developers to build multiplayer games in Unity without needing to write, host or maintain netcode. Unity developers can join a waitlist for early access now. I met Smith at his booth at the recent East Coast Games Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The company has created a JavaScript multiplayer framework for the Unity Platform. A recent demo showed how hundreds of simple 3D-animated tanks could roam around a battlefield and fire volleys at each other continuously. Between the tanks and the projectiles they were firing, the

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