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Where’s the Money? Avenues of growth for media agencies in 2024

As generative AI continues to sweep the globe and infiltrate industries far and wide, media agencies have not become immune particularly with changing consumer behaviors.

According to Kantar’s 2024 Media Trends and Predictions report, consumer segmentation needs to move beyond traditional demographics to a more behavioral and attitudinal approach.

Accounting for these factors will help brands and marketers understand the reasons behind consumer choices with better insights, opportunities and more precise targeting.

Audiences are also consuming content across multiple platforms and devices, making it paramount for marketers to harness the power of these platforms effectively. In particular, on-demand streaming is becoming increasingly favored among viewers for its flexibility and interactivity. Yet, linear viewing continues to retain its communal magic.

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As such, businesses will need to adapt their strategies to the localised tastes of their audiences. With media consumption also becoming more fragmented, avenues such as connected TVs (CTVs) will become useful for marketers to understand complex audience behaviours.

Furthermore, as AI goes mainstream, the media landscape will see much deeper integrations of AI technologies, with generative AI as a stand-out for content creation, according to the report.

It also flagged a potential increase in advertising waste amidst an abundance of technological solutions as businesses struggle to identify the most effective tools for their operations.

Therefore, 2024 will bring the added challenge of sorting the essential from the nonessential and knowing when and where to deploy specific technologies to their maximum potential.

What are the strategic directions for the media world as we face these trends and challenges head-on in 2024? In the fourth instalment of MARKETING-INTERACTIVE’s “Where’s the Money?” series, we speak to nine media agency professionals to identify the moneymaker of 2024.

Sandeep Mark Joseph, CEO and

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The Importance of Sports Marketing Agencies in Modern Business

In today’s fast-paced and competitive business landscape, the role of sports marketing agencies has taken on a new level of significance. These agencies have evolved from being mere intermediaries to becoming strategic partners that businesses rely on to navigate the complex world of sports marketing. From global giants to local startups, companies are recognizing the immense value that a proficient sports marketing agency can bring to the table. In this article, we’ll delve into the multifaceted reasons why sports marketing agencies have become indispensable players in the modern business scenario.

1. The Rise of Sports as a Powerful Marketing Tool

1.1 The Allure of Sports Events and Personalities

Sports events have transcended the realm of competition to become cultural phenomena with massive global audiences. Businesses have come to realize that associating their brand with the passion and excitement generated by sports can create lasting impressions and emotional connections with consumers.

1.2 Leveraging the Popularity of Sports Stars

Sports icons have a unique ability to influence consumer behavior. With their larger-than-life personas and loyal fan bases, these athletes can serve as potent brand ambassadors. A skilled sports marketing agency knows how to harness the star power of athletes to drive brand visibility and loyalty.

2. Navigating the Complex Sports Landscape

2.1 Tailored Strategies for Diverse Sports

Each sport comes with its own fan base, culture, and dynamics. Crafting effective marketing strategies for different sports requires an in-depth understanding of these nuances. Sports marketing agencies excel at customizing campaigns that resonate with specific audiences.

2.2 Tapping into Global and Local Markets

Sports have a universal language, but marketing strategies need localization. Sports marketing agencies possess the expertise to adapt campaigns to resonate with local cultures while keeping a global perspective, expanding the reach of businesses.


3. Maximizing Sponsorship Opportunities


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