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Cashmere Agency’s Top PR and Marketing Execs Say Overcoming Impostor Syndrome Starts With ‘Counting Your Wins’

Joining the Cashmere Agency early on was a good bet for chief marketing officer Rona Mercado, the company’s third employee, and public relations SVP Brianne Pins, its seventh. Now, the two have worked there for over a decade, helping businesses reach consumers of diverse backgrounds authentically.

The award-winning lifestyle-marketing agency was launched in 2003 by its co-founders Ted Chung and Seung Chung, who saw most of Hollywood’s marketing efforts getting steered toward white audiences. Today, Cashmere has become one of the entertainment industry’s go-to culture-centered marketing agencies, and it has collected a large clientele list along the way, including Google, BET, Universal Pictures, Netflix, FX, Coca-Cola and more.

Mercado and Pins have been able to carry on the agency’s goal of creating space and opportunity for people of color while also working at a place where they can be comfortable in their own skin. In the midst of finding ways to remove barriers for people of color, they faced their own career challenges. One of them was tackling imposter syndrome.;elm:context_link;itc:0″ class=”link “imposter syndrome. They’re not alone. A recent KMPG study showed 75% of female executives across industries have experienced imposter syndrome in their careers.

“Sometimes, in everyday life, I have to do a reality check of what I’ve accomplished,” Pins told TheWrap for this week’s Office With a View. “I’m not an expert on everything. I can always learn more. But I have to really ground myself: I’ve been in big rooms with people who have decades of experience over me. What I’ve done is say, ‘Where have I been, and what did I do to prevail in that situation?’ I use that as my driving force.”

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