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HDB launches website to locate coffee shops offering budget meals

People enjoying their food at Serangoon Garden Market in Singapore, illustrating a story on a new HDB budget meal website.

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) launched the BudgetMealGoWhere website on Friday (19 May), allowing members of the public to search for coffee shops with budget meal offerings near their location. (PHOTO: Getty)

SINGAPORE — The Housing and Development Board (HDB) on Friday (19 May) launched a new portal to help members of the public locate HDB coffee shops offering budget meals.

The BudgetMealGoWhere website, launched in collaboration with the Government Technology Agency (GovTech), will allow anyone to search for HDB coffee shops offering budget meals near their location. Users can also view the budget meals and drinks available at these coffee shops.

The website contains a search bar that allows members of the public to insert their postal code, which the website then returns with a list of coffee shops, starting with those located within 2km of the inserted postal code.

More budget meal offerings by 2026

In March 2023, the government announced that all coffee shops leased from HDB would have to offer budget meal options upon their tenancy renewal starting May 2023. All rental coffee shops due for renewal will need to provide four budget meals and two budget drinks as a condition for renewal of their tenancy.

Operators were also encouraged to offer budget meals at prices which are sustainable and competitive to prices of surrounding F&B options.

With this change, the government aims to have budget meals be progressively offered at all 374 HDB rental coffee shops by 2026.

“For a start, about 40 coffee shops are currently listed on the BudgetMealGoWhere website, with more being progressively added,” said HDB in a statement.

Participating stalls will display the budget meal decal stickers on their food display signage, indicating the budget meals on offer.

HDB budget meals decal.

Budget meal decal stickers that indicate that budget meals are

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