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The best websites for custom PC builds

So you want to know which are the best websites for custom PC builds? Well, the answer to that question will vary depending on where you are in the world. To help make things easier for our readers, we’ve broken our recommendations into different categories, with options for US readers, UK readers, and European readers. We’d hate to send you to a website that doesn’t deliver to your region.

When it comes to which PC you use for gaming and leisure, there’s no definitive ‘best’ option, but we can certainly recommend the best websites for custom PC builds (like Chillblast, and Newegg). Every PC owner has their own unique needs for their computer, and by opting for a custom build, you can ensure that you get one that’s specifically optimized for the things you want to use it for.

Anyway, we’ll give you an overview of a few different custom PC builder sites, with information on what they can do, and a rough ballpark sort of price range (though of course, this varies significantly). We hope it will help you to find the custom PC of your dreams – and if none of these quite suit you, you can always just browse the PC components on Amazon.

The best custom PC builder sites in the US are:

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NZXT are the best retailer for custom PC beginners.

Building your own custom PC can seem a daunting task, which is why NZXT has tasked itself to make the PC-building process as simple and accessible as possible. It breaks it down into simple steps, where you choose which type of game you might be using it to play (with an indicator of what kind of fps performance you can expect), as well as setting your budget.

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