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Estate agency Christmas advert ‘as good as John Lewis’

hat and home xmas advert 2023 john lewis estate agency

The calendars are yet to tick over into December but estate agencies like many big retailers are rolling out their Christmas adverts including one big south of England firm, Hat and Home.

Its Christmas 2023 advert comes just shy of three years since the estate agency was launched by former Foxtons senior Ben Gee.

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Ben Gee, Hat & Home

Keen to take a distinctive approach to marketing, the firm hopes its ‘heartwarming’ campaign will delight its audience.

Building on the success of its 2023 ‘What Moves You?’ campaign, Hat and Home’s Christmas ad leverages the same creative ethos and design principles, staying true to the brand’s unique personality, it says.

The ad has already created a stir online with early viewers drawing comparisons with much loved Xmas campaigns from major brands, with commentators comparing it with the now-famous output from John Lewis each year.

Campaign aims to encapsulate the joy and warmth of being at home for the Christmas holidays

Gee says: “It was crucial to us that our Christmas ad told a story. The campaign aims to encapsulate the joy and warmth of being at home for the Christmas holidays.

“We feel extremely fortunate to work with some incredibly talented individuals who can turn our humble bowler hat into a variety of objects including a snow globe.”

Hat and Home is based in Crowthorne, Berkshire and now has four other branches and some 25 staff.

Earlier this year The Neg interviewed Gee, who said he’s been approached by agents wanting to be Hat and Home franchisees but for the moment he’s concentrating on growing the business organically and getting its ‘culture’ embedded, albeit planning more cold starts in the areas around his existing branches.

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