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Digital marketing agencies merge in Lancaster

WTM Digital and YDOP Digital Marketing, two award-winning digital marketing agencies based in Lancaster, have merged. 

“By joining forces, the companies combine their deep digital marketing expertise and passionate teams to bring their client partners an even higher level of value and service,” a release said. 

WTM Digital has supported national and regional brands with its extensive knowledge of and expertise in SEO and paid search since its founding in 2008. YDOP is best known for its expertise in localized digital marketing efforts, helping hundreds of businesses grow with its approach to Near-User Marketing. 

With a combined workforce of 31 employees, “the partnership creates one of Central Pennsylvania’s largest and most experienced digital marketing agencies,” according to the release. 

Mike Canarelli, CEO and founder of WTM Digital and owner of YDOP, will serve as CEO. Steve Wolgemuth, founder of YDOP, will continue to be part of the team for two more years. 

“I’ve known Steve for many years and have always respected him and the work he’s done to grow YDOP into a leading agency here in Lancaster,” Canarelli said. “Now, as we bring our agencies together, I couldn’t be more excited to welcome him and everyone at YDOP to the WTM team.” 

“I’ve spent much of my career building YDOP into an award-winning digital agency that’s done exceptional work for businesses,” Wolgemuth added. “Today, I’m proud to turn over the reins to Mike and his team to lead YDOP into the future. WTM is the best at what they do and I know the future is bright for our businesses, our client partners and our team.” 

Paula Wolf is a freelance writer 


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