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17 Business Website Features Tech Leaders Love To See

Tech leaders are also tech enthusiasts, and they love it when a digital product is done well. This includes business websites—which, depending on the features and tools provided to users, can range from highly effective informational, marketing and sales tools to near-wasted digital space.

The right blend of design elements and helpful services can make a company’s website one of its best ambassadors and sales reps. As both business leaders and tech gurus, the members of Forbes Technology Council recognize a well-designed, user-friendly website when they see one. Below, 17 of them share the tools and features they love to see on business websites, and why.

1. AI-Powered Live Chat

I appreciate it when a business website features AI-powered live chat or chatbot functionality. This feature enhances the site’s effectiveness by providing instant, 24/7 customer support; answering queries; and assisting with product selection. It elevates the user experience, fosters customer engagement and, ultimately, drives conversions and business growth. – Amitkumar Shrivastava, Fujitsu

2. The Results You Deliver

Businesses often focus on what their products or services do, while neglecting to tell me what results they will deliver. I love it when a website tells me up front how the business can help me or my company. Will its services help me generate revenue or reduce churn or costs? These are things I will need to understand and be able to articulate to my own team to justify bringing a new tool or company on board. – Patti Mikula, Hackworks Inc.

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3. A Well-Developed Search Function

Incorporate a search bar. Even great websites like LinkedIn and Twitter don’t have their search features fully developed. Whether you serve consumers or

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