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5 Reasons Why Marketing Agencies Fail Not Long After Starting

Solomon Thimothy is the President of OneIMS, where he works with agencies and clients to develop predictable and scalable growth strategies.

Starting a business with nothing but a laptop and the ability to sell a service is an attractive prospect for any entrepreneur. However, not everyone is cut out for it.

Entrepreneurship is more digitally fueled now than ever before. With the increasing interest in remote and hybrid working models, people are naturally drawn to ways of making money with as little overheads and as much control as possible.

Selling digital marketing services has been rated one of the top online business ideas for 2024. All it takes to start a digital marketing agency is to get in front of small- to medium-sized business owners and sell them lead-generation tools. Sounds easy, right? Not quite.

Digital marketing agencies offer businesses everything from SEO to pay-per-click ads, social media marketing, content creation and everything in between. But for new agencies, a handful of critical things to consider will help you avoid fizzling out as quickly as you get up and running.

Here are five reasons I see many marketing agencies fail soon after starting.

1. Choosing Clients That Don’t Align With Their Values

When starting a digital marketing agency, landing your first client is one of the most exciting milestones you’ll reach. It can be tempting to add a business to your portfolio because they’re willing to pay big money, or simply because no one else has shown interest yet. However, it’s important to take a step back and consider whether the client aligns with your values—as a person and a business.

A business interested in your services might be renowned for its poor workplace culture or invest in things that you think are morally wrong. Whatever reason

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Carlsbad Marketing Agency Your Partner in Success

Carlsbad Marketing Agency isn’t just any marketing agency in Carlsbad; it’s a dynamic force driving business success. Innovated on the principles of invention and client satisfaction, Carlsbad Marketing Agency has sculpted a niche for itself in the bustling geography of marketing. With a platoon of devoted professionals, they offer a suite of services designed to propel businesses to new heights.

Carlsbad Marketing Agency was established with a clear charge to give top- notch marketing results to businesses in Carlsbad and beyond. The authors, seasoned professionals in the marketing assiduity, envisaged an agency that combined creativity, technology, and client- centricity. This vision has driven the agency’s growth and success, making it a trusted name among businesses seeking effective marketing results.

Services Offered

At Carlsbad Marketing Agency, guests can pierce a wide range of services acclimatized to their unique requirements. These services includ

Digital Marketing from SEO to social media juggernauts, the agency offers comprehensive digital marketing services to enhance online presence and engagement.

Content Creation professed pens and contrivers produce compelling content that resonates with target cult. Similarly, utilizing tools like a Writing Assistant can enhance your content creation efforts, ensuring that your communication is not only clear but also efficiently executed.

Brand Development Carlsbad Marketing Agency helps businesses make strong brands through strategic planning and prosecution.

Advertising The agency designs and executes advertising juggernauts across colorful platforms, icing maximum visibility.

Marketing Strategies

What sets Carlsbad Marketing Agency piecemeal is its innovative marketing strategies. The agency understands that every business is unique, taking individualized approaches. By using data analytics and assiduity perceptivity, Carlsbad Marketing Agency crafts strategies that drive results. Whether it’s a digital crusade or a traditional marketing action, their approach is embedded in creativity and effectiveness.

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The Rise to the Top of the Funnel – 2024 Shifts in Marketing Spend In New Zealand

In 2024, marketing spend is witnessing significant shifts towards emotional resonance. New Zealand-based digital marketing agency, Zib Digital highlights the focus on meaningful connections, customer engagement and balancing digital strategies.

As businesses navigate the evolving digital marketing landscape, a common trend is emerging faster than ever: ‘creating personal connections with consumers’. Thus opening controversial conversations amongst experts on where to focus advertising spend in order to see the best return. 

Zib Digital, New Zealand discusses the importance of a balanced approach between top-of-funnel and bottom-of-funnel strategies. They emphasise the significance of combining brand awareness with conversion-focused activities to achieve optimal results for clients.

Historically, brands have prioritised immediate and measurable return on investment, which often results in conversion-led activity taking top spot on the agenda. However, it is important to recognise the role that top-of-funnel digital marketing plays in driving overall brand performance.

As a performance-led digital marketing agency, Zib Digital cannot deny the importance of the bottom-funnel focus, particularly when showcasing their client success stories. Yet, the business explains that simultaneously incorporating a consistently low element of top-of-funnel activity, such as content marketing and social media engagement, alongside bottom-of-funnel tactics, like retargeting and conversion optimisation, sees transformative results data in 2024. 

This holistic approach aims to capture and nurture leads throughout the customer journey, ultimately driving better ROI and long-term growth.

In addition to this, Zib recognises a strategic shift towards customer engagement efforts at the top of the funnel. Instead of solely focusing on driving immediate conversions, marketers are recognising the importance of building meaningful relationships with consumers from the outset. 

This involves leveraging interactive content, personalised messaging and community-building initiatives to create memorable experiences that resonate. 

Many buyers say they look at three to five pieces of content

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Search Influence, SEO and Digital Marketing Agency, Earns 2024 Google Premier Partner Status

New Orleans, April 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — New Orleans, Louisiana –

Search Influence earned 2024 Google Premier Partner status, for the ninth year in a row, reaffirming the SEO and digital marketing agency’s position as a leading force in the digital advertising space. Each year, Search Influence must demonstrate that they deserve to remain in the top 3% participating agencies in the United States that embody the highest level of client excellence.

The Google Partners program is designed to acknowledge and reward high-performing digital marketing agencies and professionals who demonstrate advanced skills and expertise in Google Ads. Active in over 60 countries, this exclusive program offers three levels of participation: Member, Partner, and Premier.

Search Influence, Google Premier Partner agency

Search Influence, Google Premier Partner agency

The Premier Partner status grants Search Influence advanced access to Google resources which allows the agency to better support clients. Search Influence works with dedicated Google representatives to help the team navigate advertising opportunities and challenges with ease. In addition, the SEO and digital marketing agency benefits from ongoing education on industry trends and early insights into new product development and features. This access ensures that Search Influence’s clients across industries reap the rewards of the latest advertising innovations, giving them a competitive edge in the market.

“As a Google Premier Partner, our clients receive access to the latest digital marketing features, updates, and innovations well before other advertisers,” said Jeanne Lobman, Digital Advertising Manager. “This connection allows us to quickly integrate any and all opportunities in our clients’ campaigns, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve.”

Premier status, the highest and most exclusive tier of the Google Partners program, is reserved for those who fall into the top 3% of performers in a given country and year. Premier Partners boast the latest Google Ads expertise and demonstrate

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Eric Chambers and Branden Chambers of The Chambers Group!

Branden Chambers and Eric Chambers have transformed their family’s powerhouse Beverly Hills traditional marketing firm into a pioneering multi-media organization that assists celebrities in capturing, growing, and retaining their powerful social media followers, on top of massively boosting the messaging for major brands with more traditional marketing campaigns. 

With their unique way of tailoring digital and social media packages without the use of bots, these two very successful brothers are changing the way celebrities and influencers conquer the world in the digital age, in addition to creating fresh and new marketing campaigns for some of the biggest brands. 

Branden and Eric’s success with everyone from supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio and country music superstar Tim McGraw to legendary comedians Cheech & Chong has been nothing short of game changing. The Chambers Group currently works with 200 plus celebrities and influencers such as Diamond Dallas Page, James Maslow, Barbie Blank, Chris Van Vliet, Torrie Wilson, Tavi Castro, and Mario Lopez’s Must-See Movies. 

Image credit: The Chambers Group

“Eric and Branden helped grow our Facebook following from 230,000 to 9 million followers,” confirms Tommy Chong, who has worked with the brothers for the past decade, and credits them with helping him make The Hollywood Reporter’s prestigious Top Comedians chart, which ranks the most popular comedians on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube. 

Tommy is just one of many Hollywood stars, doctors, and influencers who increasingly turn to The Chambers Group to help grow their digital footprint. But then, this full-service marketing, branding, and content creation agency has been kicking goals for more than 2000 clients globally ever since their father, Keith Chambers, established The Chambers Group more than a half-century ago. 

“We’re always thinking and creating ‘what’s next’ in our client’s particular category so they are continuously perceived as remarkable in their space,” explains Branden, who points to the incredible success

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AP Digital Launches “The Unmanned Agency” Service to Boost SaaS Companies’ ARR through AI-Driven Marketing

AP Digital

AP Digital

AP Digital Introduces ‘The Unmanned Agency,’ Enhancing SaaS Growth with AI-driven Marketing to Boost ARR and MRR

Ariel Perets

Founder, AP Digital

Founder, AP Digital

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 17, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AP Digital, a forward-thinking digital marketing agency, announces the launch of its new service, “The Unmanned Agency,” specifically designed to propel SaaS companies forward by increasing their Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) through enhanced lead generation and conversion rates, utilizing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Ariel Perets, Founder, AP Digital

Ariel Perets, Founder, AP Digital

In the competitive SaaS sector, achieving measurable marketing results is paramount. AP Digital addresses this challenge head-on by offering “Unmanned Advertising,” a solution that moves away from traditional marketing methods plagued by inconsistency and inefficiency. By leveraging cutting-edge AI tools, AP Digital guarantees a results-focused approach to digital marketing, aiming to significantly boost clients’ Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR).

AP Digital’s philosophy is dedicated to helping SaaS companies enhance lead acquisition and conversion strategies. This commitment extends across various sectors within the SaaS industry, including providers of private chat services, instant messaging, project management software, and payroll systems. AP Digital prides itself on its ability to scale companies efficiently through intelligent and effective digital marketing strategies.

The agency’s selectivity in client partnerships speaks to its commitment to quality and results, with a waiting list that reflects the high demand for its specialized services. AP Digital is in search of SaaS companies that are not only in need of a technological overhaul in their marketing strategies but are also ready to embrace the innovative solutions that “The Unmanned Agency” service offers.

Ariel Perets, the founder of AP Digital, brings a wealth of experience from his tenure in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle industry to the digital marketing realm. Applying the principles and technological expertise gained in the UAV industry

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Web Success Portal: Recognized as Top Marketing Agency of 2023

FENTON, MI / ACCESSWIRE / February 19, 2024 / Navigating today’s digital landscape can be an intimidating task for businesses. It’s an arena that demands knowledge, flexibility, and innovation – qualities embodied by Web Success Portal. By transforming complex digital marketing practices into straightforward, impactful strategies, Web Success Portal has been recognized as one of the top marketing agencies of 2023 by TechNewsVision.

Web Success Portal
Web Success Portal

In a time when all businesses are competing for visibility in the digital space, the question arises: how can a marketing agency genuinely help? The answer lies in Web Success Portal’s proven track record of successfully driving sustainable growth, market expansion, and long-term success for businesses. This results-driven approach to digital marketing allows companies to tap into their full potential and outperform competitors.

Web Success Portal offers an array of services including social media marketing, search engine marketing, and conversion optimization, among others. These services are not simply standalone strategies but are interconnected tactics working to elevate a company’s online profile. The talented team of professionals at Web Success Portal skillfully weaves these tactics into a comprehensive strategy, custom-tailored to each business’s needs.

Choosing the right marketing agency can seem daunting. Yet, Web Success Portal stands out with unparalleled commitment to transparency and accountability. Their dedicated team of professionals provides complete visibility into their methods, allowing clients to see the direct impact of their efforts. This level of openness ensures that businesses can confidently rely on Web Success Portal to guide their digital strategy. In addition, the agency’s concerted efforts towards boosting traffic, and generating leads make it a preferred choice for businesses seeking tangible returns on their investment. This consistent record of delivering measurable results further cements Web Success Portal’s position as the premier marketing agency of 2023.

Another primary reason

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The Obsidian Co.: A Digital Marketing Startup Takes on Industry Leaders in the Drum Awards 2023

Larnaca, Cyprus–(Newsfile Corp. – January 8, 2024) – The Obsidian Co. has secured a spot among the top 4 finalists in The Drum Awards 2023’s “Agency Team of the Year.” This accomplishment solidifies its position as a formidable competitor to established digital advertising giants.

Cannot view this image? Visit: https://images.newsfilecorp.com/files/8814/193636_1542769b44041be8_001.jpg

The Obsidian Co.: A Digital Marketing Startup Takes on Industry Leaders in The Drum Awards 2023

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Despite its roots as a startup, The Obsidian Co. fearlessly confronts industry leaders. Christos I. Loizou, CEO and Founder, affirms, “Challenging norms and pushing the boundaries of digital advertising has been our founding principle. This recognition validates our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in our industry.”

Michalis Nikolaou, COO and Founder, emphasizes, “Our team’s dedication to crafting data-driven strategies has been pivotal in achieving this milestone. Representing the potential of emerging startups on the global stage is a source of immense pride.”

Their consistent excellence gained global recognition earlier when they secured victory in the “Best Long-term Strategic Use of Social Media” category at the Global Social Media Awards in April 2023.

The winners of The Drum Awards’ “Agency Team of the Year” were unveiled during a live ceremony in London on the 6th of December, 2023.

About The Obsidian Co.:

The Obsidian Co. is an up-and-coming digital marketing agency challenging industry norms with its innovative approach. Established in March 2021, their mission was to revolutionize strategic digital marketing for businesses globally. Reinforcing their commitment to excellence, they aim to reshape the industry landscape with data-centric solutions.

The Obsidian Co. proudly offers an array of services encompassing Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, and Branding. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning, they consistently aim to deliver high-quality services and unparalleled results.


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Grand Cayman Digital Marketing Bootcamp for the Cayman Islands Business Sector Coming Soon

Dallas, TX , Jan. 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — KISS PR Brand, a premier digital marketing and public relations agency, is thrilled to announce the imminent launch of its comprehensive masterclass series in Grand Cayman, including the much-anticipated Grand Cayman Digital Marketing Bootcamp.

Grand Cayman Digital Marketing Bootcamp
Grand Cayman Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Grand Cayman Digital Marketing Bootcamp

This bootcamp, created specifically for local business owners, aims to provide them with essential skills in digital marketing and personal branding. Scheduled to be conducted both in a classroom setting and via Zoom sessions, the masterclass is designed to support the growth of Cayman businesses in 2024. It’s an ideal opportunity for a diverse array of businesses, from emerging startups to well-established corporations, enabling them to master and implement effective brand marketing strategies in today’s rapidly evolving digital world.

Local businesses in the Cayman Islands are encouraged to engage with KISS PR’s local brand partner, Jaci Patrick, to enroll in this transformative series of masterclasses for 2024. The lineup includes:

  • Grand Cayman Digital Marketing Bootcamp
  • Grand Cayman Personal Branding Bootcamp
  • Grand Cayman Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp (Coming Soon)
  • Cayman Islands Young Adults / College Students Branding Internship

Interested parties can enter their names for an interview if they qualify [here].

The “Grand Cayman Digital Marketing Bootcamp” leverages KISS PR’s extensive 25 years of experience in global digital marketing, spanning Grand Cayman, North America, and the Middle East. This masterclass focuses on critical aspects of brand marketing, including developing a robust brand identity, implementing consistent messaging strategies, and effectively using digital platforms for maximum impact.

Jaci Patrick, a Digital Marketing and Personal Brand Strategist and KISS PR brand partner in the Cayman Islands, highlights the importance of grasping the subtleties of brand marketing. “In our constantly changing digital environment, it’s vital for businesses to possess the

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Zib Digital’s guide to balancing personalisation and privacy in digital marketing

Striking the delicate balance between personalisation and privacy in digital marketing is crucial for success. Here, Zib Digital advocates a proactive approach, emphasising transparency, targeted nonpersonal data use and a reciprocal relationship to foster consumer trust and engagement.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing, personalisation is an essential component of a successful strategy. Tailoring the approach based on customer data fosters a deeper connection with the target audience. However, the growing concern around privacy has created a delicate tightrope for marketers to walk. Premier Melbourne SEO agency, Zib Digital, provides a roadmap for navigating this intricate balance between personalisation and privacy.

Zib Digital recommends adopting a privacy by design approach to address the challenges of data collection head on. Integrating privacy considerations from the campaign’s inception ensures transparency and security in handling personal data. Data minimisation, a key principle in this approach, encourages collecting only essential information, reducing the risk of breaches or misuse.

Diving into the wealth of nonpersonal data, such as browsing behaviour and purchase history, will help to craft laser focused campaigns. Identify customer interests through their online activities and tailor promotions accordingly. Zib Digital emphasises the effectiveness of such targeted initiatives over generic promotions, highlighting the importance of relevance in modern digital marketing.

Zib Digital advocates for the collection of first party data through surveys and sign ups. Voluntarily shared data is a goldmine for personalisation efforts while maintaining respect for privacy. Understanding customer preferences and behaviour allows for a more efficient and tailored service, enhancing the overall customer experience, explains the Melbourne digital marketing agency.

The narrative of personalisation versus privacy transforms into a collaborative and reciprocal relationship. Zib Digital advises businesses to recast the use of consumer data as a means to

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