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Why it’s so important to have a website for your nonprofit

Long gone are the days where TV telethons and mass mailers were the ultimate source of outreach for nonprofits. Now, with the power of the internet and mass email, your nonprofit can reach audiences worldwide with only a fraction of the effort. But that’s only if you invest some time in developing a professional email marketing system and website for your nonprofit.

And through GetResponse, that process is made much easier than ever before. With our simple website builder, you can utilize AI technology and a simple drag-and-drop interface to construct your site in minutes–leaving you more time to get back to fighting the good fight.

Maximize your fundraising with your nonprofit website

Build your online presence

Reach out to limitless pool of potential donors and supporters online

Grow your contact list

Use integrated contact forms to develop your email list

Establish your values and principles

Get people behind your cause by creating a motivating About Us page.

Communicate directly with donors and site visitors

Utilize GetResponse Live Chat to maintain real-time communication with your visitors.

Extend your outreach globally

There are too many not-for-profit groups that are very limited in terms of outreach. Their area of impact may only be within their immediate communities. But that doesn’t have to be.

With a dedicated website for your NGO, you can extend your reach well beyond the borders of your community and grab much-needed attention on a global scale. And while this seems like a ton of work, GetResponse’s Free Website Builder uses AI-driven website creation. This means you can spend less time crafting a website and more time with the

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Free Website Builder for Professional Websites

Why do I need a website?

According to pre-COVID studies, 70-80% of people look up a business and research the company online before making a purchase decision. This usually starts with their website, to see what they offer, maybe where they’re located, what their backstory is, and more.

Although there are other ways to start building your online presence, like setting up a Facebook page or Google My Business page, the only solution that gives you complete control over how your brand appears, feels, and speaks to your customers is to have a website.

Not only that, a well-designed website will increase your business’ credibility and help you convert more customers. Plus, if you’re planning on advertising your business through Google Ads or Facebook Ads it’s better to drive people to a website that you fully control.

What about domain hosting? Will GetResponse provide free hosting—or will I need to coordinate this elsewhere?

So here’s the thing… we can provide free hosting for websites created with the GetResponse Website Builder!

These free domains will appear as YourCompanyName.grwebsite.com, but if you’d like to purchase and register your own custom domain (such as YourCompanyName.com) it’s entirely possible.

We’ve also simplified the process for you there. Check out our article on how to register your custom domain name with GetResponse.

How easy is it to build a website with GetResponse Website Builder?

You can easily create a fully functional website with no coding knowledge. Currently, there are two ways to build a website using GetResponse Website Builder:

  • Our AI can prepare the whole site for you based on your answers to a few short questions. You get three premade websites to choose from, which can be later customized in an easy to use drag-and-drop editor.
  • You can use one of
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