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U.S. government embarks on comprehensive website overhaul

The U.S. government is igniting a major initiative to renovate its websites. The decision stems from the fact that around 50% of existing sites are not mobile-compatible, and approximately 60% struggle with accessibility issues. Astonishingly, 45% of federal websites are not optimized for mobile use, and a whopping 80% don’t align with the government’s unified design system – a strategy deployed to enhance user experience and uniformity across all digital platforms.

This comprehensive renewal project is focused on improving the functionality, mobile compatibility, and overall user experience of these websites. It is a gesture in accord with the government’s commitment to making public information and services universally accessible, tackling non-compliant federal websites along the way.

Beyond mere aesthetics, this initiative addresses a serious concern – accessibility. As nearly 60% of these websites face accessibility issues, the government aims to provide equal access to crucial information and services to all individuals, regardless of their special needs or capabilities.

Commanded by President Joe Biden’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the revamp represents a significant overhaul and a pronounced commitment towards digital inclusivity.

U.S. embarks on major website overhaul

The plan is to refresh over 10,000 web pages that collectively draw an annual traffic of over 400 million individual users. The scope of this initiative not only pertains to visual improvements, but it prominently stretches to an array of online services and resources – from simple forms and applications to grand-scale databases.

While creating a visually cohesive interface, the revamped design also showcases roughly 243 diverse icons that cater to different requirements and engagements, such as a paperclip symbol for file attachments or a specific badge for law enforcement agencies. Moreover, Clare Martorana, the top federal information officer at the OMB, emphasized that the primary objective of this renovation is

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Builders demand an end to police plant bans

The Enquirer revealed last month that police forces across the country had implemented bans this Easter.

Crane and plant hire firms fear police forces are increasingly looking to prohibit their movements.

Now the NFB is adding its voice to the debate with demands to revamp the current system of travel bans.

Rico Wojtulewicz, Head of Policy and Market Insight, said: “With so many issues across the industry, from the cost of materials, and shrinking pool of workers, to a broken planning process and increased insolvencies, we need the Government to act quickly and sort out this mess.

“A temporary Written Ministerial Statement removing all embargoes on travel for abnormal loads would give the Government time and space to have a consultation on how travel restrictions should work nationally.

“Letting local police forces and councils make decisions on travel embargoes, particularly when they are not providing evidence of their rationale, is creating a logistical nightmare and another major barrier for UK productivity.”

Grant Prior

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Wike visits site of building collapse in Abuja, orders immediate arrest of Landlord

Following the recent collapse of the two-storey building in Abuja, the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Nyesom Wike, has ordered the immediate arrest of the landlord of the affected property located on Lagos Crescent, Garki 2.

Wike made this statement while assessing the site of the collapsed building on Thursday. The FCT minister also ordered the occupants of the affected building to be resettled elsewhere.

What he said

He said:

  • “It is not as if anybody has any personal vendetta but for me, it is for us to do the right thing. I don’t know why it has taken so long that the FCTA has not resettled them and so we will take immediate action to see that the indigenes of these places are resettled and then the government has to plan out this place.
  • “When the government says take a building plan, it is not to suffer anybody but to make sure that everyone is protected. Cities are planned to forestall these kinds of occurrences. Imagine buildings without approval. I will ask that we identify and arrest the owner of this property. It is very important.
  • “Government will of course take over this area and make sure no further development is carried out here. I want all the stakeholders here to please work with the government in the interest of everybody. No one has come here to say I like A, I don’t like B. I know sometimes government decisions may not be too comfortable with the people, but in the long run, it is in the interest of the people.”

Nonetheless, Wike applauded the efforts of various agencies, particularly NEMA and FEMA, that were involved in rescuing persons trapped in the rubble.

He also emphasized the resolve to go against illegal developments or buildings that do

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New Biden rule would make government websites, apps more accessible to people with disabilities

WASHINGTON — The Biden administration proposed new regulations Tuesday to make state and local government websites and apps for services like libraries, parking, transit and court records more accessible for people with disabilities.

The new Justice Department rule would establish certain accessibility standards for websites and app-based services maintained by state and local governments, the White House announced. Those could include providing text descriptions for photos for the visually impaired who use screen readers, and captioning for government videos.

Administration officials say such websites and government services have not been as accessible as they should be for people with disabilities, and that President Joe Biden was aiming to change that. Wednesday is the 33rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

“President Biden has been completely clear that everyone in America has to be able to share in the benefits of technology,” said Arati Prabhakar, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. “That means a digital infrastructure that works for the 25 percent of Americans who are living with a disability.”

The timing of when the more stringent standards would go into effect will be more clear once the proposed rule from the DOJ is formally released, administration officials said.

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