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Here’s The Way Experts Avoid B2B Digital Marketing Blunders

If you are a B2B organization trying to find right-fit clients, consider the words of Prince Harry’s ghostwriter J. R. Moehringer, writing in the May 15, 2023 edition of the New Yorker.

The ghostwriter and the prince were fighting over a passage that Harry wanted in and Moehringer wanted out of the memoir Spare.

An exasperated Moehringer told Harry, “You want the world to know that you did a good job, that you were smart. But, strange as it may seem, the memoir isn’t about you…It’s a story carved from your life, a particular series of events chosen because they have the greatest resonance for the widest range of people.”

In other words, it’s not about you, it’s about the reader. The same truth holds for digital marketing.

“Stop talking about yourself and start talking about the problems you solve and who the audience is that you are solving them for,” says B2B digital marketing authority Lori Highby.

Simply put, she says the goal is to get the reader to feel you understand their pain and their industry.

Highby is a podcast host, speaker, educator, and founder of Keystone Click, a strategic digital marketing agency. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies to microbusiness owners. We caught up for an interview at the May 2023 Build A Better Agency Summit in Chicago, a gathering of more than 300 marketing experts.

Here is her list of the biggest digital marketing blunders B2B organizations make:

They only talk about themselves. “A handful of marketers, myself included, call this the ‘We-We Syndrome,’” says Highby. “If you visit a company’s website, the language is only talking about themselves: ‘We do this and that,’ ‘we have this type of equipment,’ ‘we are the experts,’ ‘look at our awesome building.’

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