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Lee Jun-Ho Wanted To Do A Rom-Com That Would Make Hearts Flutter

Lee Jun-ho plays hotel executive Gu Won in the romantic comedy King The Land. It’s a drama that has gained considerable attention for the romantic scenes between Lee and his co-star Im Yoona. Lee, known simply as Junho, plays the classic male k-rom-com lead—perfect, aloof and yet no stranger to trauma. Yoona plays Sa-rang, a brightly optimistic employee at the King Hotel, which is run by Gu Won’s family. Despite their obvious differences, they fall in love, but have to hide their affection from his potentially disapproving family as well as her curious co-workers and friends.

It’s an upbeat comedy that’s quite different from his previous drama The Red Sleeve where he played the real-life King Jeongjo. The Red Sleeve was a popular and critical success, winning Lee multiple awards.

“I think The Red Sleeve was a masterpiece that lingers in people’s minds,” said Junho. “When it came to choosing my next work, I examined scripts with the hopes of having a different genre or atmosphere from my previous work. In that sense, I found King the Land a very easy-to-watch drama. It seemed like anyone could catch up on it even watching it from the middle of an episode. I decided to participate in this drama because I felt that it was like a small kind of healing that anyone could, at any time, turn on while eating or going somewhere and still enjoy it comfortably. Shooting The Red Sleeve gave me hope that a good atmosphere on the set creates good work. Maybe that’s why I thought that if I took responsibility and worked together with the staff and actors on the set, we could produce an enjoyable drama, and, while shooting, I hoped viewers also

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