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Supermarket worker sleeps in car due to noise from Ascot building site

As previously reported, Heatherwood Hospital on the High Street is being knocked down to make way for around 300 new homes as part of a huge housing development. 

But the demolition works, which started last Autumn, are making life a misery for supermarket worker Christine Ayres who lives at nearby Brook Avenue. 

Speaking to The News, Christine said: “The work has been going on since October 2022 and it has destroyed all the peace and tranquillity in the area.

“I’ve lived here for three years now and because it is a keyworker site, it has always been a lovely place to live.

She continued: “Because I do night shifts, I sometimes have to sleep during the day but the demolition work has just made it impossible to do so in my own home.

“I was woken a few weeks ago by JCB’s smashing up concrete blocks and I had to leave and go to a Tesco’s car park in Martins Heron.

“It’s just not right. The amount of jackhammering they are doing is shaking my flat block and the amount of dust pollution is very worrying. My neighbour has COPD and we can’t open our windows due to the dust being produced.”

Collard Demolition, based in Reading, has been carrying out building work alongside developers Taylor Wimpey. 

Gary Walsh, managing director of Collard Demolition, said they have been trying to limit noisy work until after 11am.

Speaking to The News, he said: “During the planning and ongoing delivery of the works at Heatherwood Hospital we have gone to great lengths to liaise with local residents.  

“Planning permission for the works is between 8am and 6pm but as a considerate contractor, we have made every effort to mainly limit noisy working until after 11am.

“Being such a vast site, controlling the

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