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Ramen maker emphasizing affordability, protein

OAKVILLE, ONT. — After witnessing the dangers of malnutrition firsthand in the medical field, Reza Soltanzadeh, MD, is aiming to supply affordable, nutritious and sustainable meal solutions to consumers facing dietary deficiencies.

To support his mission, he co-founded Borealis Foods in 2019 alongside Barthélemy Helg. The Ontario-based food technology company is focused on providing adequate protein for consumers who would not otherwise have reliable access to protein sources.

“We make food that is geared toward people who need it most,” Soltanzadeh said in an interview with Food Business News. “If we’ve got protein malnutrition, we’re going to have major, major issues with human immunity. That will cause pandemics, as we saw, and cause disease in communities that will not be able to be controlled.”

Borealis saw potential in the instant noodle format due to the convenience and shelf-stability benefits that come with the more than $40 billion global segment. The company developed its high-protein, plant-based formulation under the Chef Woo brand utilizing a blend of pea protein, high-oleic sunflower oil, wheat flour and a variety of other legumes and grains. Soltanzadeh explained how it was challenging to find the right sources of all nine amino acids necessary for a complete protein product while balancing texture and taste profiles.

“We did not want to use only pea protein because we would not be able to make it taste good, because when you have only pea protein you have a particular kind of palatability, which is not a noodle,” he said. “So, we had to find the protein, make sure we can source all the amino acids in it, make sure that the dough is soft enough and elastic enough to be able to stretch, and stable enough so that we could turn it into a noodle and make sure that

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