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Two Permanent Glamping Sites Just Opened at Oscar Scherer State Park

One of Timberline Glamping Sarasota's campsite features a king bed and two sets of bunks.

I hate camping. I hate sleeping on the ground. I hate bug bites. I hate backaches. I hate going to sleep at sunset and waking up at dawn. I hate fearing for my life while wondering if an animal (or unhinged human) is going to murder me. But I do like the idea of camping—communing with nature, feeling at one with the universe while stargazing, consuming dozens of s’mores—and I recently learned that everything I dislike about camping can be easily solved by booking a reservation with Timberline Glamping Sarasota.

Like me, Timberline owners Anayancy and Alex Escarpanter love nature, but weren’t eager to camp until they experienced glamping—a portmanteau of the words “glamorous” and “camping”—at Hillsborough River State Park in Thonotosassa, Florida.

Anayancy and Alex Escarpanter

“We love nature, especially with our kids. It calms them,” says Anayancy. “But, ironically, I don’t own any camping gear. We would spend time in nature, but not spend the night. The first time we went glamping was a eureka moment for us: a clean bed elevated off the ground with air conditioning, a mini fridge and a coffee maker. We love and respect true-blue campers, but these little touches allow you to focus on the rest of the nature.”

The glamping sites at Hillsborough River are run by Timberline Glamping, a company founded in 2018 that operates glamping sites in Georgia, Alabama and Virginia, in addition to Florida. After their experience glamping at Hillsborough River, the Escarpanters decided to partner with the company to bring the Timberline experience to Oscar Scherer State Park in Osprey.

Timberline Glamping Sarasota launched in October with two permanent “glampsites,” one with two queen-sized beds and another with a king-sized bed and two sets of bunk beds. The two sites—Nos.

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