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Fragments of human remains found at Eleven Park construction site

INDIANAPOLIS — As construction continues for the Summer 2025 opening of Eleven Park on the southwest side of downtown, a recent discovery has brought upon new interest for many in the project.

Recently, fragments of human remains were located on the north side of the Eleven Park property. The developer of the property, Keystone Group, tells WRTV they are working with Weintraut and Associates and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources conduct a respectful and thorough analysis.

A full statement from the Keystone Group is below.

Keystone Group in coordination with Weintraut and Associates and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources/Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology (IDNR/DHPA) have identified isolated areas of interest at the former site of Diamond Chain. Weintraut and Associates along with the IDNR/DHPA are conducting a thorough and respectful analysis on the discovery of materials and determined the following:

Fragments of human remains have been identified at the north end of the site. The discoveries are all undergoing and adhering to strict identification protocols. The discoveries will be properly catalogued and subsequently reinterned at the discretion of the IDNR/DHPA and Keystone Group. As construction continues at the site, Keystone Group, Weintraut and Associates, and the IDNR/DHPA will continue to follow the lawful guidelines at both the state and local level with the utmost sensitivity.

Keystone Group views these discoveries as an opportunity to correct past mishandlings by previous ownership and to respectfully relocate and honor what may be found. Keystone continues to work with community organizations who look to honor the memory of those who may have been buried at Greenlawn. These discussions are ongoing as the project progresses and an appropriate memorial will be included in project completion.

Keystone Group

In May 2023, WRTV reported the prediction of human remains being found by local historian

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