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Mixo: building your website with AI in seconds by Jose Antunes

Mixo: building your website with AI in secondsAI is everywhere and now it even builds websites. Mixo is an example of the potential for great websites… and the pitfalls of trusting AI blindly!

The VirtuPro company which website frontpage we show on the opening of this article, does not exist. The company name, as well as the webpage shown were created by Artificial Intelligence in seconds, after I wrote my request to the AI builder: a virtual production company for filmmakers on a budget.

Mixo: building your website with AI in seconds
The “one size fits all” logic in action, with Mixo

In a matter of seconds AI took care of everything and created the company name, the logo, the content for my website and, unbelievably, even the comments from clients/users, like a Chloe Lia, probably a filmmaker, that said: “VirtuPro has revolutionized the way I approach indie filmmaking.” It all looks great, even if I know that those user comments are fake. But whoever looks at the final website will never know, so who cares?

Yes, it sounds fantastic, and the content surely sells the idea. Catch phrases as “Cut costs without sacrificing quality. VirtuPro provides affordable solutions for indie filmmakers to create cinematic worlds without expensive physical sets or location shoots.” or  “Increase creativity and control. With VirtuPro, indie filmmakers can have more control over their vision and be more creative with their storytelling by utilizing a variety of virtual production tools.” are bound to attract clients.

Finally, there is the comment from Alice Miles, near the bottom of the page, stating “I would highly recommend VirtuPro to any indie filmmaker looking to elevate their craft.” It’s all fake, but who cares?

Mixo: building your website with AI in seconds 5AI generates a website content in seconds

VirtuPro was created using Mixo, introduced as a powerful website builder. When I first heard of it, Mixo appeared to be the tool to

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