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Elon Musk’s X hit with trademark lawsuit from marketing agency

X Corp, formerly known as Twitter, was sued in federal court in Florida on Monday by a legal marketing company that claims the social media giant’s new name infringes its trademark incorporating the letter “X.” The lawsuit by X Social Media claims that X Corp, which owner Elon Musk began rebranding to X from Twitter in July, was likely to cause consumer confusion.

The case appears to be the first of what could be numerous trademark disputes with Musk’s company over the letter “X,” which is commonly used in tech branding. “X” is included in hundreds of federal trademarks owned by companies including Microsoft (MSFT.O) and Meta Platforms. X Corp applied for its own U.S. trademarks covering the letter last month.

X Corp did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the complaint. X Social Media declined to comment.

Windermere, Florida-based X Social Media is an ad agency focused on mass-tort litigation. Its website says that Jacob and Roseanna Malherbe founded the agency in 2015 to connect Florida panhandle residents with attorneys in the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The lawsuit said the agency has used the “X Social Media” name since 2016 and owns a federal trademark covering it. It said it has invested more than $400 million in Facebook advertising to reach potential clients. The company said Twitter’s rebrand has already confused customers and caused it to lose revenue.

“In a short time, X Corp has wielded its social media clout, marketing resources, and overall national notoriety to dominate consumer perception of its ‘X’ mark,” the lawsuit said. X Social Media asked the court to force Musk’s company to stop using the “X” name and requested an unspecified amount of money damages.

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Bear Spotted At Rice Lake Road Construction Site In Duluth

I am OBSESSED with this! A bear decided to crash a construction site in Duluth. While we don’t know exactly what the bear was doing, I am guessing he was checking out the site to see how far along the project was?

St. Louis County, Minnesota shared a photo of the cutie on social media Wednesday (August 23rd), joking that someone was not reading the signs that the construction site was closed to traffic! The bear was spotted at the site on Rice Lake Road in Duluth.

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The site is for culvert replacement work so the bear might have just wanted to see how it was coming along. The bear must have also approved of the work so far because the road is still on schedule to reopen on Saturday (August 26th).

The best part of the photo, aside from the cute bear, is the comments section. People absolutely loves this bear-y cute picture and went to town with the bear puns for the occasion, as they should.

If you have a few minutes, it is definitely worth reading through all of the puns but I would like to highlight some of my favorite ones in the meantime, because they gave me a good laugh! Someone even won the internet by photoshopping a hard hat on the bear. Ha!

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Some of my favorites include the following:

Good thing the road was closed. There could have been a grizzly accident! (Yes I know it’s a black bear, work with me…)


It looks like it’s ‘cub’ to terms with the inconvenience, too.


And you thought your boss was a bear! Let me tell you about my day!


Must be on coffee break

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Top Advantages of Collaborating with Full Stack Development Company

Full-stack developers can work on many facets of website and app development, implying they can assist in advancing operations and increasing income.  

Fremont, CA: In today’s society, technology constantly alters to meet people’s needs and desires. Today’s technological advancements have made life and work easier than ever before. With more individuals participating, the virtual world has gained appeal.

Because of this, every business nowadays wants to be easily accessible online. One can get there with the aid of a well-organized, niche website. On the other hand, putting up a quality web-based application for the business takes more work than it first appears.

Today’s organizations frequently need help with website setup and design, necessitating the assistance of a full-stack development firm or knowledgeable software engineers. If the goal is to employ a full-stack development company, that’s a wise choice.

Full-stack developers can work on many facets of website and app development, implying they can assist in advancing operations and increasing income. You should think about a full-stack software development business for your upcoming project work because of the following six advantages:

• Better Team Management

Businesses nowadays are looking for software engineers with excellent team-building and communication abilities. It is feasible with a minor team and fewer project participants. Instead of engaging specialists for each stage of the development process, full-stack development enables businesses to outsource just a few experts.

• Cost-Effective Development

Costs are a critical factor influencing corporate organizations’ decision to hire a full-stack development company. Full-stack developers can work on each part of the web project if it includes an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

A full-stack development business will ensure not to overspend when initially developing a mobile application. Instead of employing individual iOS and Android engineers for each step of a software project, companies may

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