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Microsoft opens its Copilot GPT Builder to all Pro subscribers

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Lawsuits be damned, Microsoft is pushing ahead on its Copilot AI chatbot (based in part on the fruits of its investment in and partnership with OpenAI).

Today, executives from the Redmond-headquartered software giant that is among the most valuable companies in the world announced that Microsoft’s Copilot GPT Builder, a tool allowing users to build and share customized, task-specific versions of the chatbot, is now available to all customers of its paid Copilot Pro tier ($30 per user per month).

The Copilot GPT Builder can be accessed by Copilot Pro subscribers on desktop by moving their cursor over to the right side menu of the Copilot web app and clicking their cursor on the menu item labeled “See all Copilot GPTs.”

This should open an interstitial dialog box with various “Custom GPTs” the user can access, including new ones created by Microsoft, as well as, at the top, an option called “Create a new Copilot GPT.”

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This will open a conversational chatbot interface by default, but the user can toggle between this and another one with forms and fields with tabs on the left side of the screen labeled, “Create,” and “Configure,” respectively.

Like with OpenAI’s similar GPT Builder that preceded it by four months, Microsoft’s Copilot GPT Builder allows the user to select the “Create” tab to begin typing plain language

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