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4 Tips To Marketing Your Startup Company

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Startups that have a great marketing plan and product are leaps and bounds ahead of many starting a business.

Originally Published Mar. 22, 2019.

Startups that have a great marketing plan and product are leaps and bounds ahead of many starting a business. One of the first questions that’s posed is whether the company is going to take on the marketing themselves or outsource their marketing to an agency. The fact is that both of these options have their merits as well as disadvantages.

Taking on your marketing as a startup founder allows you to control each aspect of the marketing campaign, but this can be risky since many startup founders might not be too well-versed in marketing.

Outsourcing your startup marketing can be risky: not all marketing companies are created equal. With a small budget, one marketing company that doesn’t deliver can severely limit your cash flow.


Self-education in the marketing realm is challenging but very possible. There are training programs for nearly every part of online marketing like PPC, Google Adwords, and affiliate marketing. If you want to learn Adwords or PPC, then you should review which classes/certifications garner the best results. After you have self-educated, it is important to remember that your training was not industry-specific. For this reason, it is essential to try a few different approaches to things like content marketing, SEO, and PPC.

Finding the tactics with the most substantial ROI might take a few months. The education can also be offered to your staff as this will help them understand the marketing strategy in a more profound way. Many of these classes can be written off come tax time. Look at it as an investment in the company as well as its people.

Become an

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The Obsidian Co.: A Digital Marketing Startup Takes on Industry Leaders in the Drum Awards 2023

Larnaca, Cyprus–(Newsfile Corp. – January 8, 2024) – The Obsidian Co. has secured a spot among the top 4 finalists in The Drum Awards 2023’s “Agency Team of the Year.” This accomplishment solidifies its position as a formidable competitor to established digital advertising giants.

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The Obsidian Co.: A Digital Marketing Startup Takes on Industry Leaders in The Drum Awards 2023

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Despite its roots as a startup, The Obsidian Co. fearlessly confronts industry leaders. Christos I. Loizou, CEO and Founder, affirms, “Challenging norms and pushing the boundaries of digital advertising has been our founding principle. This recognition validates our unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence in our industry.”

Michalis Nikolaou, COO and Founder, emphasizes, “Our team’s dedication to crafting data-driven strategies has been pivotal in achieving this milestone. Representing the potential of emerging startups on the global stage is a source of immense pride.”

Their consistent excellence gained global recognition earlier when they secured victory in the “Best Long-term Strategic Use of Social Media” category at the Global Social Media Awards in April 2023.

The winners of The Drum Awards’ “Agency Team of the Year” were unveiled during a live ceremony in London on the 6th of December, 2023.

About The Obsidian Co.:

The Obsidian Co. is an up-and-coming digital marketing agency challenging industry norms with its innovative approach. Established in March 2021, their mission was to revolutionize strategic digital marketing for businesses globally. Reinforcing their commitment to excellence, they aim to reshape the industry landscape with data-centric solutions.

The Obsidian Co. proudly offers an array of services encompassing Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, and Branding. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI and machine learning, they consistently aim to deliver high-quality services and unparalleled results.


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Celebrations as Chesterfield based marketing agency picks up a major industry award

CNS Media went up against the likes of Saatchi & Saatchi, one of the most influential creative companies in the UK, to win the well-recognised <a href=industry accolade. (Photo: submit)” bad-src=”https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/q75bo9ChFi8q56k3LiUXOg–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTcyMA–/https://media.zenfs.com/en/derbyshire_times_954/6c6b83c8f0f11b5c674e2026aeffe551″ src=”https://s.yimg.com/ny/api/res/1.2/q75bo9ChFi8q56k3LiUXOg–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTcyMA–/https://media.zenfs.com/en/derbyshire_times_954/6c6b83c8f0f11b5c674e2026aeffe551″/

CNS Media went up against the likes of Saatchi & Saatchi, one of the most influential creative companies in the UK, to win the well-recognised industry accolade. (Photo: submit)

CNS Media won the prestigious marketing award for Best Media Buying Agency from the UK Agency Awards in London.

CNS Media is incredibly proud to have been recognised for its media buying capabilities and continued success as an industry expert in this field.

A prominent partner of Sky and numerous other media outlets, including ITV and Channel 4, CNS Media have always boasted incredible buying power alongside their numerous other marketing outputs.

The company was initially founded in Chesterfield by marketing experts Andy and Nicola Hattersely and Ev Mascarenhas, who, before starting CNS Media, worked for many years with great success in the digital, media and radio industries.

Joint CEO Andy Hattersley commented: “We’ve been one of the leading agencies in the media industry for a long time, and it’s great to see that we have received recognition for our team‘s hard work and expertise in this area.”

Going from strength to strength, the company started from a small team and now has 30 highly skilled and experienced staff members, offering all areas of marketing from TV and outdoor to social media and digital.

As well as growing their teams, they have also taken on numerous high-profile clients from all industries, including Trade Centre UK, VK Drinks, Grape Tree and KFC just to name a few.

Visit the website to learn more about their services and how they can help you with your next marketing campaign.

Or get in touch on 01246 866275, and one of the CNS Media team members will happily assist you.

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7 Best Oil & Gas Website Development Companies



SEOLHR team specializes in providing comprehensive web development service for the oil and gas sector. With a team of skilled web developers, designers, and industry experts, they can develop your best looking website for your oil and gas business. They make user-friendly websites and web applications for oil companies. They can custom code oil and gas website.They has made websites for many oil and gas companies in Dubai and other countries.


GlobalSpex is a leading player in oil and gas website design and development category. They offer website development, cloud solutions, and data analytics services that cater specifically to the industry‘s unique challenges. Their focus on user-centered design and data-driven website development.

Kava Media

Kava media specializes in creating fantastic and functional websites for businesses in the oil and gas sector. Their services include website design, SEO optimization, and digital marketing strategies tailored to attracting relevant industry audiences.


Optimum7 is another website development company that combines technical expertise with industry insights to deliver cutting-edge web solutions. They offer website development, mobile app creation, and IoT integration services, helping oil and gas companies embrace technological advancements.


Exoft focuses on providing website development and software solutions specifically for drilling and rig operations. Their expertise lies in creating platforms that enhance drilling efficiency, safety, and data management.


Tuispace Tech specializes in website development for downstream operations, including refining, distribution, and retail sectors of the oil and gas industry. They create responsive websites and e-commerce platforms that cater to the unique requirements of this segment.

Hakuna Matata Solution:

Hakuna Mata solution offers comprehensive website and software development services for offshore oil and gas operations. Their solutions facilitate remote monitoring, asset management, and real-time data visualization for improved decision-making.

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Senior living marketing agency Attane abruptly closes, a victim of industry’s slow pandemic rebound

Kansas City, MO, senior living marketing agency Attane on Monday unexpectedly announced its immediate closure, an apparent victim of the COVID-19 pandemic. The news leaves approximately 100 employees looking for work.

Most employees’ employment was terminated right away, leaving “a handful of people around until next week to transition client work and unwind everything,” Vice President of Communications Steve Wujek told the McKnight’s Business Daily on Tuesday.

The bank holding the agency’s debt seized the company’s cash and assets, forcing the immediate shuttering of the business, he said. 

The agency was founded in 1987 and was known as GlynnDevins until June 2021. Its eventual downfall, Wujek said, was the senior living industry’s slow rebound from the pandemic. “The demand for our services was lagging behind that rebound,” he said.

COVID-19 created challenges and shook consumer confidence in the senior living industry. Operators would need to do some “heavy lifting” in its wake, GlynnDevins Chief Customer Officer Susan Bogan predicted during a webinar in 2020 near the pandemic’s start.  

For the past three years or so, Wujek said, the “company evolved beyond a traditional marketing agency, with a stronger focus on data-driven technology solutions and marketing automation, the adoption of that approach and the understanding of how it can benefit the sales/marketing process has been slower than expected.”

Last fall, Attane hired Scott Kokotan as CEO and Lisa Pearre as chief client officer.

Monday, employees were informed about the company’s closing via Zoom, then took to social media to express their dismay at the closure and openness to new work opportunities. Colleagues responded with offers to help them network for new positions.

“Many of my talented friends in the KC (and beyond) ad community lost their jobs in the past 24 hours,” one colleague posted Monday on

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Cashmere Agency’s Top PR and Marketing Execs Say Overcoming Impostor Syndrome Starts With ‘Counting Your Wins’

Joining the Cashmere Agency early on was a good bet for chief marketing officer Rona Mercado, the company’s third employee, and public relations SVP Brianne Pins, its seventh. Now, the two have worked there for over a decade, helping businesses reach consumers of diverse backgrounds authentically.

The award-winning lifestyle-marketing agency was launched in 2003 by its co-founders Ted Chung and Seung Chung, who saw most of Hollywood’s marketing efforts getting steered toward white audiences. Today, Cashmere has become one of the entertainment industry’s go-to culture-centered marketing agencies, and it has collected a large clientele list along the way, including Google, BET, Universal Pictures, Netflix, FX, Coca-Cola and more.

Mercado and Pins have been able to carry on the agency’s goal of creating space and opportunity for people of color while also working at a place where they can be comfortable in their own skin. In the midst of finding ways to remove barriers for people of color, they faced their own career challenges. One of them was tackling imposter syndrome.;elm:context_link;itc:0″ class=”link “imposter syndrome. They’re not alone. A recent KMPG study showed 75% of female executives across industries have experienced imposter syndrome in their careers.

“Sometimes, in everyday life, I have to do a reality check of what I’ve accomplished,” Pins told TheWrap for this week’s Office With a View. “I’m not an expert on everything. I can always learn more. But I have to really ground myself: I’ve been in big rooms with people who have decades of experience over me. What I’ve done is say, ‘Where have I been, and what did I do to prevail in that situation?’ I use that as my driving force.”

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“When I think

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BITE Thought Leadership | Advertising the advertising industry

This year’s Young Lions competition saw a brief focused around investing in the industry’s talent. Film winners Matt Nicholas, Senior Creative at VCCP and Nick Archer, Creative at Sky Creative produced a film titled ‘The Invitation’. The spot depicted a young girl creating and sharing a poster for a party she is hosting to highlight that many young people already possess the skills to work in the industry. Print winners Joe Sayer, Art Director at The Leith Agency and Marion Miranda, Copywriter at The Leith Agency created a visually captivating poster of a portrait. Created out of staples on paper marked with the header of an insurance services company, the poster was designed to show that some talent in other industries might be better suited to advertising. 

The campaigns both focus on a specific audience and show the creative skills the industry is seeking through the creative executions. The works are examples of how different audiences can be reached when the task of advertising the industry is treated as a brief. 

The panel suggested that these efforts could go even further by thinking about the range of media and platforms we have available to reach audiences with far more illustrious skillsets than purely artistic or creative. From planners to strategists, data analysts to social media managers the industry houses an array of jobs that so many are unaware of. By working back from the audience and treating recruitment like a campaign, the industry can cast a much broader net. 

Bozicevich stressed the need for an audience-first approach to talent campaigns, pointing out that the winning Young Lions campaigns have been created for a very specific talent pool. Namely young school leavers with a passion for the creator economy and talent from other industries. In an industry obsessed with youth, it

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