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5 Questions To Ask Before You Outsource Marketing

As an ambitious entrepreneur growing a business, you cannot ignore marketing. But do you take care of it in-house or hire external help? Onboard a freelancer or instruct an agency? Everything has to be considered before moving forward. If you’re thinking about hiring an agency, the fit has to be perfect. They have to understand who you are, what you want to achieve, and be willing to care about your company as much as you do. Get this right, and jump from start up to legitimate outfit, with predictable revenue and a notable brand.

Alec Winter is founder of marketing agency Creators Collective, based in Austin, Texas and focused on helping entrepreneurs execute marketing strategies that can multiply their business. Creators Collective’s most notable clients include a small wellness salon that quickly grew into ten busy spas and a real estate start-up that was promptly acquired by a competitor after gaining traction through marketing. Winter knows how much of a difference marketing agencies can make for entrepreneurs, which he says is less about fancy sales tactics and self-promotional features, and more about repeatable campaigns that bring about scale.

Winter advised that you vet an agency thoroughly before signing a contract, and here are the five questions he recommends you ask.

Ask these 5 questions before you hire a marketing agency for your business

1. Do they have relevant industry experience?

If they don’t know your jargon or have the jist of your field, they’re at the start of a steep learning curve that you probably don’t want to pay for. So ask about their industry experience. “You’re looking for an in-depth understanding of the industry dynamics, customer behavior, market trends, and competitive landscape,” said Winter.

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