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Best Online Map Makers: Easily Create Interactive Maps for Students

Map creation is a key educational activity that helps students develop their geographical literacy and enhances their spatial thinking skills. It also raises their critical awareness about the role geography plays in cultural, political, and social diversity and helps them understand their positionality as active participants in the social construction of this diversity. 

online map makers

Besides learning about the different parts of the world and the skills required to navigate them, the ability to create maps, regardless of how simple or advanced the process is, also enables students to develop a nuanced understanding of how geography has always and still shapes world events including catastrophic ones such as colonialism, wars, and invasions.

Critical navigational and geographical literacy, I argue, is a cornerstone in today’s learning. it can help us prepare well-informed citizens capable of negotiating and sorting out their differences in peaceful ways. One important step towards this goal is providing students with the means to engage in meaningful geography-based activities in and out of class. Map creation is one example among many others in this regard.

Online Map Makers

There are several online map makers that students and teachers can use to create interactive maps. I already reviewed several of these tools in the post. In today’s post, I am sharing with you an updated version of the best map creation tools out there. 

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1. My Maps, by Google Maps

My Maps is definitely one of the best online map makers for students and teachers. It is simple and easy to use. Students can add points or draw shapes anywhere on the map. They can also search for places and with

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