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NAULI INTERNATIONAL Announces the Comeback of Veteranpreneur Stephanie Nauli and the Expansion of Nauli Marketing Agency

NAULI INTL LLC proudly announces the return of Stephanie Nauli and the expansion of Nauli Marketing Agency into commercial production and advertising. With her expertise, Nauli Marketing Agency now offers lifestyle brands and non-profit organizations the opportunity to expand their reach and create impactful content.

The parent company of Nauli Marketing Agency, NAULI INTL LLC, is excited to announce the triumphant return of Stephanie Nauli, a renowned brand consultant and marketing expert, as she spearheads the agency’s expansion into commercial production and advertising. Stephanie’s inspiring journey as an underdog U.S. Army Veteran and her unwavering commitment to helping businesses thrive have shaped her into a true industry leader.

Previously, she led a launch committee in Beverly Hills, California, focused on revitalizing local businesses and attracting millennials to Beverly and Canon Drive. Stephanie’s innovative vision led the team to produce a remarkable launch event that featured top-tier talent, including a World and National Champion Award-Winning Olympic Figure Skater from Lithuania, Aidas Reklys, and an Emmy-winning producer.

With Stephanie’s guidance, the anticipated event garnered attention with Spectrum TV advertising as an outlet for local retail businesses in making Beverly and Canon Drive a destination once again. She opened doors for companies to have their brands showcased, cementing her reputation as an entertainment marketing trailblazer. However, despite Stephanie’s efforts, the committee’s President failed to secure the necessary funds to compensate the team, claiming it was too big. “When you want to help Beverly Hills businesses, you get Beverly Hills,” says Nauli.

Gaslighting and narcissism clouded the situation, leaving Stephanie without payment for her team’s hard work. Undeterred, Stephanie Nauli rose above the challenges and turned her experiences into a valuable resource. She authored the book “King of Narcissists: The Exploit” on Amazon, guiding individuals grappling with narcissistic abuse, personally and professionally.


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