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Mastering the music marketing game: The VM Agency’s disruptive success story

In the fast-paced world of music, where talent meets strategy, View Maniac, also known as the VM Agency, has established itself as a powerhouse music PR company with its revolutionary approach to helping both indie and major artists.

With a roster of artists including global icons Beyoncé, 50 Cent, and more, they’ve proven their mastery of music marketing with their systematic tactics in branding and optimisation, earning recognition from major labels, even licensing their technology to power the growth of numerous artists.

The VM Agency’s illustrious portfolio boasts a recent collaboration with legendary artist Beyoncé and The Isley Brothers. Designing and directing the lyric video for The Isley Brothers new single “MAKE ME SAY IT AGAIN” was a moment of awe-inspiring creativity. The video garnered 1.7 million views on YouTube and achieved certified platinum status.

Kev Miles and Adam Jonathan, the dynamic founders, have combined their business savvy with an unmistakable passion for music, propelling their agency to seven-figure success, asserting “Given professional music and a brandable artist, we’re committed to creating household names.”

With a dedicated team passionate about championing independent artists and nurturing emerging talents, they’ve curated an ensemble of experts poised to transform the careers of up-and-coming musicians.

VM Agency stands out, offering everything from top-tier lyric video production and collaborations with major artists to content creation, marketing, PR, and billboard promotion. In essence, they equip artists with the essential tools and connections to truly shine in the music world.

They’ve also tapped into the undeniable influence of TikTok, urging artists to harness its potential for virality, leveraging the platform through influencer partnerships for organic attention.

The agency is supported by pillars of transparency, coachability, and an unyielding work ethic, emphasizing “The music industry demands transparency.”

They focus on a hands-on approach collaborating

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