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Blog on Web Development.

Frontend development is responsible for what you see on your screen, while backend development handles everything else that happens behind the scenes to make your website work. Frontend developers build websites using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, whereas backend developers use languages like Python and Ruby to seamlessly handle data requests. As you might imagine, they don’t always collaborate smoothly—but we’ll delve into that later!

 The difference between web development and backend development lies in the fact that web development deals with everything visible to a user on the internet, while backend development refers to all the programming, data management, and retrieval that occur behind a website or app. So, when you need to find something online, you are likely using backend development, whereas when you check your email on Gmail or browse Facebook, you are utilizing web development.

 Regarding the design differences between Frontend & Backend Development Teams, for web development, frontend development deals with user interface and designing it in an appealing way. Backend development handles database management and integration with other systems, which can be challenging to learn and manage independently.

 Frontend, also known as the “client-side” of the application, is the part of the website that the user sees and interacts with. It includes everything that users directly experience, including images, text styles, colours, tables, graphs, buttons, navigation menus, and more. The languages used for front-end development are CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

 Speaking of frontend and backend, the backend is the server-side of any website, responsible for storing and arranging data while ensuring everything works fine on the client-side of the site. It is the part of a website or web app that users cannot see or interact with directly.

 The parts and features designed by the backend professionals are accessed indirectly by the users

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