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The Future Of Recruitment

Chief Revenue Officer at Airswift.

The hiring process can be a tangled web of intricacies riddled with biases and inequities. In today’s world, where algorithms are crucial, it can be challenging to recognize preconceptions. It wasn’t too long ago when Global Witness requested an investigation by the U.K. Equality & Human Rights Commission into potential breaches of the Equality Act (2010) by Facebook’s targeting and ad delivery practices.

In a world where unconscious biases can disproportionately impact under-represented groups, how do we break free from this cycle and pave the way for fairer hiring processes? From challenging long-held assumptions to uncovering new viewpoints, generative AI like ChatGPT can augment our perceptions and communication methods, reshaping the hiring landscape and creating a more inclusive future.

It all starts with recruitment.

By leveraging generative AI’s capabilities, companies can adapt their language to create a better sense of belonging for individuals from different countries, languages and cultures, thereby promoting inclusivity in the workplace. This sentiment is echoed by recruiters, who often rely on their new AI friend to generate text sensitive to various terminologies, colloquialisms and cultural nuances.

Consider the situation where one must recruit candidates from diverse nationalities and cultures. In the context of generative AI, providing detailed prompts such as “write a job description tailored to candidates based in the United States” is crucial. Additionally, emphasize, “maintain a professional and inclusive language, avoiding stereotypes and any biased tone of voice.”

And another effective technique is to incorporate personification in creative writing. Imagine requesting, “please generate an inclusive job description that fuses the viewpoints of Steve Jobs’ rhetoric with Simon Sinek’s ‘Golden Circle’ approach.” Naturally, this endeavor may require some experimentation and substantial refining based on the responses from ChatGPT. But that’s where the true excitement lies, isn’t it?

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