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Adam gets passionate with new love amid surprise development in Corrie | Soaps

Adam stood next to a red car on Coronation Street

Adam is set to get passionate (Picture: ITV/Shutterstock)

Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) is set to meet a new client in upcoming Coronation Street scenes, but there is more than just business on his mind.

As many business-minded Coronation Street residents do, Adam heads to the Chariot Square Hotel for a business meeting, where he meets new client Rebecca.

The pair order a bottle of wine, and the chemistry is scorching as they flirt back and forth.

When Adam receives a phone call from Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) back at the office, who informs him that he is needed back for another meeting, he puts the phone down, leaving her frustrated.

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As Adam and Rebecca continue their boozy business meeting, Alya takes the meeting with Rich from Fabian’s alone.

She gets quite the boost when Rich points out that he is impressed by her knowledge, and insists that she would make great future business partner material.

However, the pair get quite the shock when, as they’re winding up their meeting, Adam and Rebecca come tumbling in, mid-snog.

Alya and Rich sitting at a table in the Bistro in Coronation Street

Rich takes Alya out for dinner (Picture: ITV)

Later in the week, Alya tells Yasmeen Metcalfe (Shelley King) that she’s accepting a job offer from Rich, leaving Adam and Dee-Dee Bailey (Channique Sterling-Brown) struggling without her organisational skills.

Rich then takes Alya for lunch in the Bistro, where he congratulates her on her success and assures her that she will go far with Fabian’s, as she is exactly what they need.

Meanwhile, things go from bad to worse for Adam, who receives an email from his biggest client informing him that they’re transferring their work to Fabian’s.

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Want to be

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Benefits of Hiring a Hospitality Marketing Agency in Florida

In Florida’s busy hospitality scene, getting noticed can feel like a big challenge. But hey, with a helping hand from a Hospitality Marketing Agency in Florida, businesses can score some awesome perks. These agencies know all the tricks to make your place shine bright in the crowd. Whether it’s getting more folks through the door or making your spot the talk of the town, they’ve got your back. So, if you’re in the hospitality game in Florida, teaming up with one of these agencies could be your ticket to success.

Increased Visibility and Brand Awareness

In a crowd of other businesses, it’s super important to make yours stand out. That’s where a special marketing team comes in handy. They know just what to do to make your place shine in Florida’s hospitality world. They use sneaky tricks like making sure your business shows up first when people search online locally. Plus, they make stuff that people can’t resist looking at, so everyone knows your name. So, if you want everyone to know who you are and what you do, teaming up with these guys is the way to go.

Professional Website Development and Optimization

Your website is like your shop’s window on the internet. A hospitality marketing crew doesn’t just slap together a website; they make a cool online spot that grabs people’s attention. They make sure it looks great on any device and is easy to use. Everything from how it looks to how you move around it is carefully thought out to keep folks interested and turn them into customers. So, if you want your online shop to be a hit, these guys are the ones

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Phase 3 Names New Executive VP, Marketing

Susan Frost

Phase 3 Marketing and Communications, an integrated marketing services company headquartered in Atlanta, with offices in Dallas, New York City Metropolitan Area, and Nashville, announces the promotion of industry veteran Susan Frost to executive vice president, marketing & agency services. As executive vice president, she rejoins the agency division with extensive experience leading a team of creatives, strategists, planners, client service managers and public relations professionals who deliver innovative and thoughtful marketing strategies and solutions.

“We are honored to have Susan lead both our marketing department and our agency division,” says Ken Holsclaw, President and Co-Founder, Phase 3 Marketing and Communications. “Her experience in marketing, business development and management, as well as previously owning her own agency, will help our business propel forward and welcome new, exciting opportunities.”

After graduating from Emory University, Frost worked for top-ranked marketing agencies, with a robust roster of the southeast’s largest developers of master-planned communities, including most of the popular communities on Florida’s Scenic Highway 30A. Utilizing her skills and experience offering strategy and marketing expertise for real estate, specialty retail and home furnishings clients, Frost built her own marketing agency, generating nearly $3 million in annual revenue within seven years before selling the agency to Phase 3 in 2012.

“Working with Phase 3’s agency division is a true honor, and I am thrilled to join and lead these teams through the next chapter,” adds Susan Frost, Executive Vice President, Marketing & Agency Services of Phase 3 Marketing and Communications. “Having worked with the agency in past roles, I am excited to return and champion our impressive work in branding, creative expression, advertising, and more.”

In her new role, Frost continues to lead a team of marketers and business development professionals driving Phase 3’s initiatives in marketing strategy, strategic new business,

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Filipino indie developers urged to apply for Tokyo Game Show

MANILA, Philippines – The Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP) is inviting all Filipino Indie Game Developers to apply for the Tokyo Game Show Indie Program in hopes of having a Filipino developer showcase their game at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show at Makuhari Messe from September 26-29.

The program, called Indie 80, will have 80 independent game developers exhibit at the Tokyo Game Show’s Indie Game Area for free and will be automatically entered as candidates for the presentation event Sense of Wonder Night (SOWN), an annual indie game competition within the Tokyo Game Show.

“It’s every developer’s dream to be in Tokyo Game Show. You can brag that my game was exhibited in the Tokyo Game Show. It’s expensive but you will not regret it. For Indies who want to take part in the Tokyo Game Show, please do apply for their Indie program. Because if you never submit, you will never know. There’s no harm in trying. Please submit your games and worry about everything else later. The important thing is get our foot at the door and everything else will fall into place,” said Solon Chen, GDAP vice president and committee head for membership.

Representatives of the Nikkei Business Publications Inc., the presenters of the Tokyo Game Show, held an event briefing last April 10, to members of the media and Filipino game developers, in hopes of encouraging Filipinos to take part in the event.

In the 2016 Tokyo Game Show, seven Philippine game studios were able to showcase their games at the event. Unfortunately the presence of the country has since decreased.

“We didn’t have a Filipino exhibitor last year, but hopefully this year there will be,” said Shinri Endo, deputy manager of the Tokyo Game Show Management Office.

Endo shared that most Japanese

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Wix Launches New AI Website Builder For Businesses

Israeli world-leading website builder Wix has launched a new service for businesses that uses artificial intelligence to create an entire site, including features such as social media, eCommerce and event management.  

Creation of the site includes a comprehensive conversation between the AI platform and the user about the business and the kinds of services and products required. The platform uses this information to develop a bespoke website, whose layout and functions the business can later edit, customize and update according to changing needs.  

“Throughout the past years, we have developed and embedded our own proprietary Generative AI algorithms and LLMs in our products to enhance the user experience, and our latest milestone – the release of the AI Website Builder – is completely revolutionizing how to build a website and bring a vision to life,” said Wix co-founder and CEO Avishai Abrahami. 

“The AI Website Builder represents the first time users can effortlessly harness such advanced AI capabilities to craft their digital presence. With a ready-to-publish website, integrated with relevant business applications, we already see reduced friction in the user experience and increased efficiencies, leading to higher conversions. With countless more advanced features in production, we’re rapidly ushering in a new era of website creation and user success,” he said. 

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LongueVue Invests in Maker of Kitchen and Bath Products

Beautiful Kitchen In New Farmhouse Style Luxury Home With Island, Pendant Lights, And Hardwood Floors.
Getty Images

NEW ORLEANS – LongueVue Capital, a New Orleans-based private equity firm, has announced its investment in Kingston Brass, a designer and distributor of kitchen and bathroom fixtures, bathtubs and accessories. LVC and its consumer operating partner Chris Homeister partnered with Kingston’s founders, Erik Chen and Frieda Lin, to “accelerate growth through strategic investments focused on customer, channel, product and distribution expansion,” said a company spokesperson.

Headquartered in Chino, Calif., Kingston designs and distributes water fixtures, bathtubs, kitchen and bathroom accessories, and other plumbing products for both residential and commercial applications. Kingston operates in both direct-to-consumer and business-to-business channels. Founded in 1998, the company has approximately 150 full-time and part-time employees.

“We are extremely excited to partner with Kingston,” said Ryan Nagim, managing partner at LVC. “Given our relevant experience with a highly analogous business, TileBar, we strongly believe that we can immediately add value and strategically support the company’s leadership team. We look forward to driving growth both organically and through acquisitions.”

“Kingston’s recent successes serve as a testament to the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence in service, unparalleled quality, and continuous innovation,” said Chris Homeister. “We are delighted to enter this partnership with an exceptional team that deeply appreciates LVC’s collaborative approach and shares our strategic vision and cultural values.”

“Kingston has an impressive track record of organic growth within the kitchen and bathroom fixtures market. With its proprietary, innovative designs and seamless channel integration, Kingston is not just a provider of plumbing fixtures; it’s a lifestyle brand,” said Evan Golden, principal at LVC. “We are thrilled to partner with the Kingston team, and together we believe the Company is well positioned to become a disruptive industry leader.”

LVC Vice President Erin Saer, Senior Associate Nick Davaz and Associate Rankin Hobbs worked alongside Ryan Nagim, Chris

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Apple faces probe for killing iPhone web apps in EU

The price for being petulant

Apple could be in hot water over its decision to scrap iPhone web apps in the European Union, the Financial Times reports.

The European Commission has asked Apple and app makers for more information to help investigate, which is not a good sign.

European Commission spokesperson Lea Zuber said the Commission was looking at the rules of all gatekeepers, including Apple.

“We’re especially looking into the issue of web apps and can confirm sending the requests for info to Apple and to app makers, who can give useful info for our check.”

For those who came in late, Job’s Mob acted like a spoilt child when the EU told them it could not beat up web developers and steal their lunch money.  Earlier this month, Apple said it would stop supporting iPhone web apps in the EU in iOS 17.4. Instead of working as separate apps with storage and the ability to send alerts, web apps in the EU will work more like links.

Apple claimed this was because of the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), which allows Apple full support for other browsers — not just Safari’s WebKit.

Apple claimed that adding web app support for other browsers would require the company to build “a whole new system,” which it says “was impossible to do given the other demands of the DMA.”

The company also says “very low user use” and possible security risks are reasons for the change.

Apple traditionally claims that anything it does not want to do poses a security risk when it usually means a financial risk.

App makers are fighting back on the end of web apps. Open Web Advocacy, a nonprofit group that supports the open web, is surveying to see how the change will affect makers.

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Fragments of human remains found at Eleven Park construction site

INDIANAPOLIS — As construction continues for the Summer 2025 opening of Eleven Park on the southwest side of downtown, a recent discovery has brought upon new interest for many in the project.

Recently, fragments of human remains were located on the north side of the Eleven Park property. The developer of the property, Keystone Group, tells WRTV they are working with Weintraut and Associates and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources conduct a respectful and thorough analysis.

A full statement from the Keystone Group is below.

Keystone Group in coordination with Weintraut and Associates and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources/Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology (IDNR/DHPA) have identified isolated areas of interest at the former site of Diamond Chain. Weintraut and Associates along with the IDNR/DHPA are conducting a thorough and respectful analysis on the discovery of materials and determined the following:

Fragments of human remains have been identified at the north end of the site. The discoveries are all undergoing and adhering to strict identification protocols. The discoveries will be properly catalogued and subsequently reinterned at the discretion of the IDNR/DHPA and Keystone Group. As construction continues at the site, Keystone Group, Weintraut and Associates, and the IDNR/DHPA will continue to follow the lawful guidelines at both the state and local level with the utmost sensitivity.

Keystone Group views these discoveries as an opportunity to correct past mishandlings by previous ownership and to respectfully relocate and honor what may be found. Keystone continues to work with community organizations who look to honor the memory of those who may have been buried at Greenlawn. These discussions are ongoing as the project progresses and an appropriate memorial will be included in project completion.

Keystone Group

In May 2023, WRTV reported the prediction of human remains being found by local historian

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a new ad agency launches

It’s not like the world needs another ad agency. And yet, here comes the introduction of The Wrong Agency, a creative consultancy that believes it has a unique quality that will separate it from the pack. It probably won’t have any clients, the agency says about itself.

The Wrong Agency founder Kevin Lynch says, “Being a clientless agency … that’s a real white space in an otherwise crowded field.”

Lynch’s skepticism about attracting a roster of familiar brand names stems from the fact that what The Wrong Agency offers flies in the face of how CEOs and CMOs partner with agencies today. Among its traits, The Wrong Agency confesses to be:

  • demanding (it insists on working directly with decision-makers)
  • simple-minded (it will not take on briefs with more than one message), and
  • unserious (it believes brands are like people — you want to spend time with the ones who make you smile).

The agency adds that it is also impatient and vows to fire itself if it is not creating fame—building work within six months of being hired.

“Marketing is really easy, if we let it be,” adds Lynch, who spent the last seven years creating highly-lauded work as creative director at Oatly and director of marketing at Shanghai American School.

“I’m coming from unique brand-side experiences where processes were simple and trust was high, and you woke up each morning knowing the best idea you had that day was the one you’d do. Brands would be well–served to create that kind of … yet, they typically don’t,” says Lynch.

The Wrong Agency says it isn’t completely against taking on clients someday, though it would cap the client roster at a maximum of three. But that rosy scenario seems far off for now.

“We’re not in any discussions

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RAPT Creative ranks high on SCOPEN’s 2023 / 2024 AGENCY SCOPE

“To describe RAPT Creative’s debut performance as ‘successful’ would be an understatement; ‘stellar” is a more apt description,” says SCOPEN partner and CEO of Independent Agency Search & Selection Company (IAS) Johanna McDowell. 

“It is quite remarkable that such a relatively young agency like RAPT Creative debuted so high on the Agency Performance Table,” McDowell adds. 

“Both President and CEO of SCOPEN International Cesar Vacchiano and I noted this achievement and were delighted to see such strong results for an agency that was new to the study and relatively new in the South Africa agency landscape,” McDowell says. 

Since 1990, SCOPEN’s studies (called SCOPEs) have aimed to offer in-depth intelligence across various areas of the communication, marketing and advertising industries and identified needs, marketplace dynamics and future trends for:

  • advertisers
  • agencies, and
  • media professionals.

, for example, is published every two years after in-depth meetings with the highest-level decision-makers across marketing, communications and advertising from the largest to the smallest-spending marketers in South Africa. It identifies trends within the advertiser-agency relationships and the perception and image of the agencies. 

“RAPT Creative is blown away by its top-10 ranking in nine out of 11 categories deemed most important to agency performance by SCOPEN, and over the moon that, of those nine, it ranked as number one agency in four categories: Account service, Integrated services, Innovation and Data / analytics,” says founder and CEO Garreth van Vuuren. 

“We are also excited by our third-place ranking for Digital Capabilities, fourth for Value for Money and fifth for Effective Creativity,” adds van Vuuren. 

“RAPT Creative has been working particularly hard on ensuring that we have the best-integrated capabilities that will allow us to be more effective and efficient with the work we produce. We’ll be using this report

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