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Building the future of real estate marketing with Meta

The real estate industry is thriving in the region with new marketing and 3D platforms showcasing properties using technologies such as AI, AR and VR for immersive digital experiences.

Developers such as DAMAC Properties, Bayut and Dubai Properties are among the companies that are using AI, adtech and measurement solutions to attract investors and grow their businesses.

“We see a lot more digital natives and disruptors now starting to adapt marketing mixed modeling because of the fact that it’s now much more agile, it’s much more democratised, which is exactly where we want to go.” said, Rasheeqa Jacquesson, Marketing Science Lead, MENA, Meta.

Driving Innovation 

Real estate experts believe good measurement strategies drive business results.

“My advice to advertisers who are exploring the marketing mixed modeling would be to start off with a SaaS project like Analytics Edge First to get to know the flavor of marketing mixed modeling. How to use the learnings that you get from MMM.” adds Hamza Ali, Senior Manager Performance Marketing at Bayut and Dubizzle.

Sharing his perspective to the audience at the Meta summit, Amit Patil, VP and Product Management, Analytic Edge, said: “We try to always emphasise the analysis and the insights will be fruitful if that scope has first and foremost been defined while keeping all the stakeholders in mind.”

AI and creativity 

Social media has become the platform of choice for buyers and real estate companies in the UAE.

“Meta platforms is the biggest broker on earth with 3.96 billion users across our platforms.

“The top drivers of discovery and evaluation are content from influencers, we’re seeing more and more of these creators or influencers attracting people to buy, followed by advertising, and content from friends and family.

“And how do we help you in getting this? It’s all about AI.

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